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  1. Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience. We have tested that there's no problem with the synchronizing. If you have any further question about the RGB fusion software, please contact Gigabyte customer service center. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Sorry for your inconvenience. The white dot means this port is the primary one. Here is the user guide for your reference. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your buying. Unfortunately, our case fan didn't support PWM function, so there's no way you can control the fan speed. But we have a lower speed version, which is 600rpm Please give us your serial number, so we can check whether your fans are 800rpm or 600rpm. If you got the 800rpm version, we can send you the 600rpm version. Thank you.
  4. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. To connect the fan controller board and the motherboard, please use the cable "E" (picture 1) and plug the 3 pin header to controller board (picture 2) the other header to the motherboard (picture 3) Thank you
  5. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. May I know which ASUS motherboard you have? Thank you.
  6. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. The cable F is for Gigabyte motherboards, so you actually don't need it. And it only shows two pictures, so can you please share the missing one? And the fans are not spinning?not lighting?or neither of them working? Thank you.
  7. Hello, Can you try to switch the third fan and the second fan (the picture below for your reference)?
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