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  1. I'm not sure your idea of "minimal modding". I'm not sure the top would fit a 420mm with my idea of minimal modding, I have a 360mm there and I don't think there is room for much more, if you did mount one there it would likely have blocked air flow over part of it without what I would consider more than minimal modding. The case appears to support 2 420s out of the box in the front and right locations. Just may need to very careful about fan radiator stacks on both locations to they don't impact each other. But I think as long as you keep the front fans where they are it should be ok. I
  2. We are already aware of the adapters that come with the GPUs with the 12-pin connection. But most of us would prefer a direct PSU -> GPU cable without using adapters. I now have a 3090 FE installed in my computer and would still rather not use an adapter. Other brands are offering solutions, often at no cost to those with premium power supplies from them.
  3. Follow up: Yes, the one I linked before works with the Level 20 GT case I received. But....it mounts to the PCB from the other side of the PCB and the included screws have nothing to secure it to (hole in PCB and molded case for the plug are too big). I used one of the wire ties from the build and doubled it over on itself at each in then inserting in the plugs screw holes and put the screws in from the opposite side of the PCB as the plug to hold it in place. Also, due to the curvature of the case there I had to trim some of the molded case off so there was clearance. After all of that i
  4. Looking at my Level 20 GT, I'm not sure that would be the right style. Looking online I found this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083FRW542 looks more like what I'm seeing. Once I start building it more I'll see if I can get some specs on it and if that will work.
  5. My last build from ~9 years ago was in the Level 10 GT and still running on same Mobo/graphics cards, only updated the CPU since then one time. Now I'm building a "replacement" (I'm not getting rid of the old case system, but will be reducing its graphics cards to a very basic one. Can't get a better looking case that works so well with RAID drives. Over the years I did have to replace a few of the drive interface boards in it and some of the fans. Anyway, new case just arrived, Level 20 GT. Going with X570/3950X/RTX3090 for this build. So much RGB compared to the old Level 10 GT
  6. Yeah, I'm looking to get one of these new GPUs and have a 1200W ThermalTake power supply that I would like to keep with a single modular cable from the PSU to the GPU. To me the more connections (PSU > Cable > adapter cable > GPU) the more places for failure. Not naming other companies, but I've seen where others have committed to making a solution to support their modular PSUs. And, sleeved options to match some of your other sleeved cable offerings would be ideal.
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