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  1. it's funny to come back here and see that still nobody answered me... i will never buy another thermatake product after the nightmare of their cheap components.. and as you can see...of their customer care
  2. p8 tg owner here. 4 months ago i went trough a nightmare. 7 days of testing all my new components and at the end i told myself "ok..let's try this last thing..." ...so i got rid of the thermaltake risercable and mounted my vga in the old way... all the problems disappeared in literally 1 second. It's a shame that i paid 300 euros of chassis for an high end rig and all the project was almost thrown away due to a damned crappy riser cable. That's one of the most epic fail in pc hardware history.
  3. ok i've managed almost everything but the front panel right led is flashing red and i don't understand why
  4. Hi james, thx for your answer i would like to know how you would sync about 14 riing fans, in a single argb header (i guess) for this mobo how many splitters, how many hubs...well i'm a bit lost this time
  5. hello everybody, i'm a brand new thermaltake core tg p8 owner, and this is my first message in this community let's start i'm gonna do a very disrepectful thing ...i'm gonna air cooling the p8 .......i know i know...you hate me...but i'm not experienced in water cooling so this build will be air cooled. My next build, in 12 months i think, i promise you that will be water cooled. Well, i got a couple of questions that you can surely help me with. 1) fans - i've counted about 14 fans to install, that i want to be rgb fans, but i'm not sure how proprerly sync with motherboard 2) i like black fans, with an rgb circle, i've seen the tt riing but i'm a bit confused, so ..any advice? 3) wall mounting...one of the main reason i bought p8... if i will have to change or add psu cables, or simply work on the back panel for any reason...you think i can only disassemble the metal part working on the other metal part left wall-mounted?
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