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  1. if this is true and it works permanently then it is a real improvement. nevertheless, i apologize for my distrust. i will try this software version but set a system restore point first. i have been disappointed too many times with each new software version. I've been using your power supplies and software for three or four years now, and to this day I'm still waiting for the software to work the way it should. the biggest annoyance for me was the not minimizing of the software. sometimes I even thought you wanted to punish or annoy us somehow. I'm still running the old TT DPS G App Global v3.2.0 because it was the only version i could deactivate the 'DPSG-start' task in the windows task planer and deactivate the autorun of Thermaltake DPS Power. i had also renamed the ThermaltakeUpdate.exe to ThermaltakeUpdate1.exe to deactivate the autoupdate of the software. this was my way of fixing the not auto minimizing window after startup. it is difficult to find a 1250 watt power supply with red led fans so i am doomed to use your power supply and software. otherwise I would have changed long ago. the only option would be to buy a power supply and replace the standard fan with a red glowing led fan. I also use many other thermaltake products and they are superb, but why you build such a mess with the power supply software I do not understand. EDIT: oh my ..., it's working! unbelievable! ahhahahahaha. thank you!
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