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  1. Dear TT Lily, To date, we have not yet received a reply to our e-mail, which you did receive. Sincerely
  2. Dear TT Lily, To date, we have had no response to the message sent on 19 April, not even a message informing us that they had received our email. What do we understand? Kind regards
  3. Dear TT Lily, Thank you for your feedback. We have just sent a message directly through your link. We are still waiting for a solution. Kind regards,
  4. Dear Tony, To complete my previous message, in the following link: https://fr.thermaltake.com/pacific-m360-plus-d5-hard-tube-water-cooling-kit.html, in the list of components of the CL-W218-CU00SW-A kit, you do not specify the number of controllers, nor their reference. It is difficult for us to answer you. But we assume that these controllers are compatible with the TF-2. Thank you for confirming this point. We look forward to hearing from you,
  5. Dear Tony, Thank you for your reply. Our two controllers for each computer (two) are from the Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus D5 Water and Coolant product, part number CL-W218-CU00SW-A, of which I am attaching photos for one of the two computers. The part numbers of these two controllers are not present. We don't know if they are the ones mentioned in your last message. Thank you for your quick reply. Thank you very much,
  6. Dear Tony To complete my previous message, here are two links corresponding to your request. Thank you for your feedback. Sincerely https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vobj76uqm6dg61/FC-TTRGBPlus2.0_UI_Log.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0qdqymlsp3xco5w/TTRGBPlus2.0 (2).zip?dl=0
  7. Dear Tony Thank you for your reply. However, we are surprised, because when we received the 2 TF2s that we installed on two different configurations 10900K/Z490 visionD and 11900k/Z590 vision D, the two boxes containing the products did not have a specific controller included. Each TF2 is connected to the TT controller, where the other TT products are connected. Please confirm this. We will send you the file very soon. Thank you for your feedback. Sincerely
  8. Hi, Thank you for this analysis. We have two different computers with a TF2 each. We have never been able to get the TF2 in the drop down menu of the TTPLUS software on the two different computers. It seems that this is not the case for you.You have written that one of your controllers has a marking where it says "TEMP". We have not identified this type of marking on our controllers, 4 on one computer and 3 on the other. Can you please take a picture of this controller with this marking? Kind regards
  9. Hello Tatsumi, The elements are connected to controllers which are all identical and also correspond to the photo in the document supplied with the TF2. Kind regards
  10. Hi, I have the same problem that I have already reported on two different configurations: 1- A Thermaltake Level 20 case with a Z590 vision D, intel 11900k, Asus ROG RTX 3090, Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus DIY CL-W218-CU00SW-A and Waterblock for Pacific V-RTX 3080/3090 Plus GPU (ASUS ROG) 2- A Thermaltake core P5 case with Z490 vision D, intel 10900K and Aorus RX 6900 XT and Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus DIY CL-W218-CU00SW-A.(The Waterblock for Pacific V- RX 6900 XT does not yet exist, unfortunately. This is a pity, because this product exists for other manufacturers but with an interface that is incompatible with thermaltake controllers.) In both cases, the TF2 does not appear in the drop-down menu. Best regards,
  11. Hi, Thank you for your reply, The 1.42 TT RGB update does not address the issue mentioned. In the drop-down list, the TF2 item still does not appear. I would like to ask you if you can report this problem to us in the next update. Kind regards,
  12. Hello We have built a computer with the thermaltake Level 20 case and a complete water cooling system with : Thermaltake Pacific TF2 Temperature and flow indicator. Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus DIY CL-W218-CU00SW-A Waterblock for Pacific V-RTX 3080/3090 Plus GPU (ASUS ROG) The set consists of a Gigabyte Z590 vision D motherboard with an intel 11900k and TOUGHRAM XG RGB DDR4 4400MHz 32GB memory. My question is about the TF2 Temperature component. It shows the temperature and the flow. We have installed the TT RGB PLUS V 1.4.12021-03-22 software and the three controllers identify the six fans, the cpu, the graphics card, the pump, the heatsink light strip and the two case light strips level 20. However, we have nothing on the flow and temperature in the software window as mentioned on the web page of your site, here is an extract "Monitoring the Temperature on TT RGB PLUS". The optimised Pacific TF2 not only reflects the temperature and flow volume on the screen itself but can also be monitored on the TT RGB PLUS software, providing real time information to users. Note: *The information displayed may include latency between the TT RGB PLUS and the TF2. *The TF2 temperature and flow indicator only supports TT RGB PLUS software, and users must connect the following water block model specific controllers. " The image on this page below the reported comments shows a window with temperature and flow indications. In the software drop down list we do not have the TF2 item. We swapped the 9-pin USB2 connection with the Pacific V-RTX 3080/3090 Plus. Nothing happened. We received a second TF2 which we installed in another Thermaltake core P5 case, with the same water cooling system (Thermaltake Pacific M360 Plus DIY CL-W218-CU00SW-A). We do not have the TF2 item in the TT RGB PLUS V 1.4.12021-03-22 software drop down list. (Z490 vision d motherboard, 10900k). Is this a software problem? Thank you in advance for your reply. Best regards,
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