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    charl chaos reacted to TT Lily in 2021 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 Winner Announcement   
    2021 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1
    ✨ Winner Announcement ✨

    🥇 Mark Van Acosta from the Philippines
    🥈 Clerence Yu from China
    🥉 YG Kim from South Korea & 🥉 Ahmad Safuan from Malaysia
    Thermaltake would like to express our gratitude to all the participants including the public, modding enthusiasts and, especially, our sponsors: AMD, ASRock, Plextor and ZOTAC for the great and continuous support. Lastly, to congratulate the top three winners again, and hope to see you all soon at the upcoming events.
    The event wouldn't have been possible without you all! 🤩
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    charl chaos reacted to Strongwolf in Calling it quit   
    After 10 years of pc building I'm quitting the diy. Is not a hobby anymore, is a luxury.  Crazy prices on everything has taken the fun out of it, so i'll keep my pc's and remember it all as a great time.
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    charl chaos reacted to SIA Tech Mods in Arcade Claw Machine Case Mod   
    Hi All, it's been a long time since I posted here! However I'm back once again and this time I'm doing a new build for my 2 daughters. This is something a little different (for me at least), I'm working with wood on this build and have minimal tools nor previous history working with wood so I'm learning on the go and finding ways to make things work with what I have... After all, I do like to be the guy who shows modding doesn't need the most expensive tools or knowledge to get things done, as long as you have a passion and willing to learn with a lot of paitence too. My work space hasn't changed over the years either, I'm still mostly working from a small shed and the garden space so need the weather to be on my side for any obvious progress to be made, anyways let's get started shall we.

    The case I'm working with is the beautiful Tower 100 and motherboard is the Aorus B450 I Pro Wifi

    I made a base for the tower to stand on, I made with a little recess so the tower actually sits in the base to help it blend, maybe I used a little too think of wood here? But I wanted to make sure the base is strong enough to hold the weight long term. this will be used by 2 kids afterall.

    Cutting some parts for the roof, none of this cutting is all that easy with a cheap jigsaw but it's possible, nothing a little refining and wood glue won't be able to fix.

    When an arcade machine goes wrong there's usually a door with a lock and key for the staff to access... Gotta have that!

    What having 2 young girls does to you... 😅😅

    First coat goes on

    And another

    A quick mock up whilst I wait for the weather to brighten up.

    Now, sadly, I was expecting a delivery of the claw hand and arcade stick with a few other bits & bobs but I've just had to request a refund, I can't seem to find any UK/Euro stock for the claw hand either so I may be waiting longer than I'd like, however I'll post here once I can provide another update, During this time I'm going to go back to the base and refine that a little more, hide the screw holes with wood filler and other little tweaks.
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    charl chaos got a reaction from Jason Simm in Final Voting Starts Now!   
    outstanding work from everybody.
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