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  1. I recently went nuts doing a near all TT build in regards to case, fans, PSU and CPU Cooling. It has been a rough couple of days getting this stuff to work. The best I had it was last night where I had everything being seen by the software and running as I liked with the eception of the two front Riing Trio 20 fans having three led's not winning to change colour like they are burnt in. I have stopped using the TT RGB Plus software for now and letting them cycle in the rainbow default and these couple of led's on each DO NOT CYCLE COLOURS STILL. When I booted up today the second fan controller is no longer being seen by the software nor os the PSU. I already downsized from three controllers after the third stopped being seen after one day now I am going through it alll over again. The software needs a complete overhaul. It is ugly and really doesnt work well. If I cant get this stuff working I'll be looking for a refund on EVERYTHING from Thermaltake directly as these are not working as they should. The PSU is connected directly to the motherboard as for some reason i it doesn't have a plug compatible to the fan controllers? How many USB 2.0 heads on the motherboard do you guys want to waste? I had to sacrifice not having USB 2.0 on my front case panel this is stupid.
  2. I am having similar issues to these other guys. I have two controllers set up plugged into one of the USB motherboard connectors. I downsized from three as the third stopped being recognized. Now the second controller is not being seen. Since restart the TT RGB Plus software also does not see the Toughpower iRGB PSU either. I will have to admit I am super disappointed as I have liked Thermaltake gear for a long time and this is my first upgrade in 7 years an now you guys are selling gear that is not user friendly. I have 2 x Riing trio 20 and 3 x Riing 12 fans on the first controller and 3 x Riing Trio 14 and 1 x Floe AIO on the second. I am considering returning it all directly to Theremaltake as this should not have to be dealt with by Scorptec Computers who have done nothing wrong. The controllers do not work as they should. Also on my Riing Trio 20 fans 3 of the LEDS in the middle just go whatever colour they feel like and cannot be addressed. Poor form.
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