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  1. I was told the synch controller with the 9 ports dosent work with rgbplus. So if you are using that controller then you must use any other rgb app like signalrgb or open rgb. If you want to use RGBplus from TT then use the original controller sthat comes with a 3 fan pack
  2. YES ! Thats the best info i heard !!! You should go and post a sticky info on reddit TT forum so people have hope again. Will you mail me or pm me in here when they are finished and do i get em for free ? Also how many fan ports do they have ?
  3. I recieved a new tested controller from TT that they say works, but it dosent. Its the same problem with usb device not migrated in to windows on startup
  4. Testing 2 new controllers that was tested by TT. I will be back here to tell how it goes
  5. Hi Lily I spoke with Tony and he is working on the case also. Should i still writeto cs3@thermaltake.com.tw and what exactly shall i write to em ? Do i just tell em about my whole problem with the controllers nor being migrated for some reason?
  6. Today there was a windows 10 update and i need to reboot after installation. When windows was loadet then controller 1 was not detected. maybe it also has something to do with windows update. So i had to deactivate the fan controller and reactivate it like i did for the second controller. and then it works again until next time...
  7. Allright. When the second controller not is migrated then i see a USB icon show up where the clock/time is in windows if i press the usb icon then a hardware list shows up and it shows me a led box with a yellow ! warning sign. Then if i deactivate it and reactivate and opens rgbplus again then the second controller is detected. Until i power off my pc and power it on again, then it seems random if it works or not. The first 6 times it worked stable but then it went back to not migrated error again.
  8. It is the same problem again...Here is the list on how many times i powered on my pc to test the new rgb plus version... Nothing changed realy.. Works Works Works Works Works Works Dosent work controller 2 - Deactivate and reactivate the usb controller was not migrated. Works Works Dosent work Controller 2 - Deactivate and reactivate the usb controller was not migrated.
  9. Nice ! I will install it and test it asap. Did you get my mails about the controllers not being migrated error codes from the hardware device manager ?
  10. Today was awfull..non of my controller was detected and i had to reinstall rgbplus and reboor several times..
  11. I just want to state that when i bought my pc for ½ a year ago then i had a Hero Maximus XIII asus board. And i had the same problems with the Controllers not being detected. "I was using the 1.4.4 rgbplus version that seems to work at that time. I havent tested it since you gave me the 2.0.6 version since i dont want that old version again." I also had some coil noise on the Hero board so i had to RMA it and buy another Hero board. The problem with the controllers not being detected was also the same again and i still had coilnoise on the new board. So i also send it to RMA and bought a Maximus Extreme XIII. So that is 3 motherboards with the same controller not being detected problem and i see alot of people on reddit wit hthe same problem and they keep asking me what to do since i tryed everything and are diving deep in to this problem, since i dont want to give up these fans and try with another brand. So basicly i tryed with 3 motherboards with riing quad controllers that had the same problem over the last ½ year. So i dount its a faulty USB port. I also tryed both the port on the maximus extreme resulting in same problem.
  12. I just discovered something perhaps important ! Just now controller 1 was only detected of the both controllers and i could see a usb device icon showing up where the windows clock is shown. My windows is on Danish but it states something about the usb device in english. Here is a picture of what happend and a link to the error usb device log. It says something with the device wasent migrated due to a match of some sort. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mx4v93m3yf0tkov/Fail start.txt?dl=0 Then there was a yellow triangle with a ! mark on the usb device that is the second controller. I was able to disable it and then activate it again, then the yellow ! mark diapeared. Then i choosed to exit Rgbplus and opened it again. Suddenly the second controller was detected ! I dident need to reboot or reinstall anything, Now i know i can just deactivate and activate the usb device again and re start rgbplus for a work around. But still that isent optimal...So the controller does get powered up but fails to match something. This is still random if its controller 1 or 2. But mostly its controller 2 that fails to detect or wont match. I hope this helps.
  13. Send you the buglog..would you also like a buglog when the controllers isent detected ?
  14. I got 7 Riing quads connected to 2 controllers that came with the 3 packs. Im using the latest rgbplus and today only controller 2 was detected, then i rebooted and controller 1 was detected but not nr 2. Then i tryed to delete the TT folder Hidden in the windows roaming folder. After a rebbot both controllers was detected again. Now i have both controlers connected to each ther own power molex cable rail to the psu. What is wrong with this software or controller ???? I have tryed to change the controllers several times and atm in waiting for the 4th RMA controller. But it seems random of controller 1 or 2 is detected...It just worked for 7 days until now. It seems random if it works 3 days or 10 days..its like russian roulette ! Is there any supporters in here to help me ? Maybe they need to work on RGB plus ?! Last time iposted her ei spoke with a supporter from TT that helped me update rgbplus using my bug logs. Is he here still to help ? I think RGB plus need rework.
  15. Has anyone tested this tool ? It dosent work on my pc. When i enable start RGB plus with windows startup and start minimized. Then my profile wont load my silent mode that i saved. And sometimes the control boxes are not detected until i shutdown and power on again. It only works if i opens RGB plus manualy from the shortcut each time. When i choose start minimized then it dosent work.... Why cant i start this tool as minimized ???
  16. Allright. This was with the newest version V2.0.42021-11-09 and i could not change the fan speed or see any details or info. If i install the V2.0.32021-08-31 then i can change the fan speed and see the info/details. So this version sort of works better. But the TT splash logo keep hanging or freeze to desktop when i power on my pc or reboot. I am using auto start for RGB plus for the fans to run sillent. I found another person on reddit with the same problem. He also had the TT logo hanging or freezing on dekstop until you exit the program or load it manual. Now im using RGB plus V 1.4.42021-09-30Drivers that seems to work, but it looks horrible outdated. And i dislike the auto startup since it shows the program for 5-10 sec. after each reboot or power on. until it minimizes again. Tell me what i can do make stuff work with the new RGB 2.0
  17. Asus Maximus extreme XIII G skill royal trident Z 32 gb Seasonic 1300 prime w psu I 9 11900k 3080 ti auros extreme OC Samsung 980 m.2 1tb Where do i send the info at ? Do you have a mail ?
  18. ts like TT director has hired his own son to make a RGB tool in haste and then the son keeps failing but he is allowed to since he is son of a gun ! I had my control boxes replaced after 3 weeks in RMA ! Then i use 1.4.4 #### tool since thats the only thet seems to work decent..We are talking 200 $ fans here !!! UTTERLY #### ! and TT dosent care..they dont rteply..i think corona killet em all maybe... RIP TT Its like TT director has hired his own son to make a RGB tool in haste and then the son keeps failing but he is allowed to since he is son of a gun ! I had my control boxes replaced after 3 weeks in RMA ! Then i use 1.4.4 #### tool since thats the only thet seems to work decent..We are talking 200 $ fans here !!! UTTERLY #### ! and TT dosent care..they dont rteply..i think corona killet em all maybe... RIP TT
  19. I asked the onlie store i bough em to send me 2 new boxes and let me RMA the broken ones. That helped for me at first when i had the 120 mm fans. Then i swapped the broken boxes out from the 140 mm fans with the 120 working RMA mm fan boxes. Then i returned the 120 mm fans as a whole broken pack. I suggest you call the store where you got em from to either RMA the 10 fans or ask if they can ship you 2 new boxes from ther sellers.
  20. It still shows up for like 5 seconds before it minimizes..how to fix that ?
  21. I have the RGB Plus 1.4.4 version to run at startup when i power on my pc and i was wondering if there is any way to remove or change the program from showing it self on the desktop for 5 seconds. So it stays minimized ?
  22. I got em to work with RGB plus 1.4.4 2.0 is just trash and #### ! It cant detect anything and cant even load properly on startup. What a #### sandwitch...
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