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  1. Such an emotional moment for me. Thank you to everyone involved. This was wonderful. I love you all. This feels surreal lol
  2. The flags one was a really good idea! Don't forget to upload the profiles here 🙏🏻
  3. Final video is here! If you like my submission please vote for me so I can win (I wish lol) You can download the profiles here: https://bit.ly/3A7WV7M It's been a pleasure to participate in this event alongside such talented modders from all around the Globe! I loved bonding with Mike and Eric over us crunching the deadline hehe
  4. I am finishing editing everything, these are the full profiles in context Still some color correction to do in 2 of the profiles, doesn't translate well after Youtube compression
  5. So I am doing the final edition, this will be the layout for the video
  6. Probably the most difficult one I did, although I know it doesn't look like it, here's "Firestorm" with which I tried to simulate a...well, a firestorm ####. I know it sounds like the WORST EXCUSE EVER but it does look way better in person.
  7. Following with the daily drivers, here's "Bubbblegum Stack" one of my favourites. It kinda resembles what I imagine a bubblegum production line would look like if we translated that into a lighting profile.
  8. "Natural Flow" is another profile that I made intended for daily drivingf it, it's really not as distracting as the crazy ones, yet really soothing to look at.
  9. I present to you: "State Of Emergency" Another "showoff" and kinda funny profile, in my opinion. I just had the idea and thought it would be cool. At first I tried to make the fans make the radioactive sign but that didn't work (at all ####) so I went with this.
  10. This one is called "Infinite" It's more of a "showoff" lighting show, ideal for, for example, showing PCs at conventions or shops. Didn't thought it out as a daily driver at all, too distracting.
  11. Hello guys! I will be posting previews of all the profiles I did so far for the competition! This is another profile I did, called "Poison" for obvious reasons I hope you like it, it's the one I have in my system, because it's not really distracting
  12. This is a tiny preview of the profile "Space Travel", one of my favorites by myself What do you guys think? I feel it's so cool!
  13. Hello guys, Denis here! I have already received the components and I am creating the first lightshows ✌🏻
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