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  1. Cool ... thanks once again for your input
  2. Hi Can I ask if they cables are now "safe" to use OR would I be turning a 5 minute change to upright GPU into days and weeks of headache? I want to go vertical on my View 71, I'm on a 2080, so I believe that the 300mm 16x Premium Riser Cable PCI-E 3 (PN AC-045-CN1OTN-C1) is my best bet .... OR should I just stay away from the whole idea? Cheers
  3. Hi There, thanks for the advice... we are having high ambient temps here at the moment, but I am seeing about 5C lower CPU temps with ambient up about 7C... I've been doing a fair bit of data logging and graphing, and to be honest, after experimenting the 5 x 120mm don't really add a lot of cooling value (but they do look pretty ). I see a fairly consistent difference between my exhaust and intake of about +/- 2.5C ... even when repeatedly stressing the system by running Cinebench and Furmark simultaneously (CPU +/-82c, GPU +/- 73c, Chipset, NVMe, DIMM temperatures increase by about 10%, coolant temps avg around 42c ... so I assume that heat is being removed rather than hanging around in the case). At idle CPU sits at 49c (this would have previously been around 58c) with an ambient air temperature of 28c ... coolant sits around 37c... 3950X does generate some heat, so I assume all is in order? However, I am thinking about going vertical mount on the GPU, I'd appreciate any advice on this (I am aware that this will push up GPU temp, but since my GPU generally runs cooler than my CPU, I think it should balance things out) ... The TT Website doesn't really give me many clues, so far as I can tell the best cable for my View 71 would be the 300mm 16x Premium Riser Cable PCI-E 3 (PN AC-045-CN1OTN-C1) … is that correct cable? I am running a 2080 Super so I am not worried about PCI-E 4 (the 2080 has plenty of grunt for Outlook). Cheers
  4. So far so good, the machine is running about 5c cooler than it was... and we are having some high ambient temps at the moment.
  5. Hi There, I thought I would share my View71, which I have just rebuilt (first time I've lifted a screwdriver to a PC in nearly 25 Years!). I have had the machine since July'19 and it was built by the store using what was available at the time - 3950X, RTX 2080 Super, 128GB 3600Mhz Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB, 2TB MP600, TT Floe Riing RGB 360 , TT Grand 850W, Corsair K95 and Ironclaw. Over December'21 I decided to upgrade the cooling and try reduce the amount of RGB SW I was running, so I opted to go with Corsair, as I preferred ICUE to TTRGB. So, I upgraded to a 420mm Capellix AIO, replaced the TT case fans with 3 x 140MM and added 5 x 120MM. I threw in 4 LED strips for good measure... Cheers
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