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  1. These last hours will be decisive! Does anyone know when it ends exactly, on the 22nd at 00:00 or at 23:59?
  2. Hi! I leave you some photos of the creation of the mirror box and the 3d printed pieces that I made to assemble it If someone wants the 3d models, I haven't problem sharing them 😆
  3. Hello again! I leave you the video of my participation in the 2022 Thermaltake Neonmaker Lightning Mix Invitational Season 1. I have had a lot of fun mounting the mod in which I have mounted the fans to be able to highlight the lighting more. I hope you like it! I wish you all good luck participating!
  4. I finally got these fans! I found them very good and useful for mods. I'm starting to play with the software and rgb looks great.
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