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Everything posted by HappyBuddhaman

  1. Just RMA'd it, kinda sucks I couldn't fix the zipper, didn't go with the Advanced option because I didn't want the MSRP sitting on my card through the holidays. Oh well, hopefully next one will be ok.
  2. Actually sent it to ttstore@thermaltakeusa.com I'll give them a call today, hopefully something I can fix without having to return, it really is a great bag, just a minor flaw.
  3. Back zipper keeps breaking on the Messenger bag, sent an email into customer service.
  4. Score is back over 7 million, *sigh* this just isn't worth it, kill the prizes and the contest, and let some loser hacker living in his mommas basement rage on.
  5. So far just the Tt theme LOL.
  6. Probably could now using raspberry Pi and some hellishly overpriced parts for screens etc. I think that is one area where manufacturers like Samsung, Dell, and Microsoft will keep a stranglehold on, that's a moneymaker for them so they'll keep things very proprietary. Plus there isn't too much excitement in building a tablet / phone type device. Not too much you can do with fans, lights, customizations, you imagine a liquid cooled tablet running off a battery? LOL
  7. Yeah, I just did this to show if you sit here long enough you can destroy the scoreboard. Grand total isn't resetting between games. I don't expect any of these scores to be valid. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.
  8. I think there is a glitch this round, every game you play just adds to your grand total, the scores are nearing 1 million.....
  9. Red and white is my current. Next build I want to paint a case yellow, and put a red energy dome on top that says "Are We Not Men?" Incorporate a yellow and black MB with yellow liquid coolent. Will be my DEVO project. Either that or my desk idea, hey, maybe I can put a series of energy domes inside the desk.....hmmmmm, now there is a cool idea.
  10. After building, the only PC I will buy at retail is going to be the Microsoft Surface (something I can't build myself). IMO, once you know how to build, or are an enthusiast, there are no benefits in retail tower PC's.
  11. LOL! I can't fit my name!! Did the scores get reset? I thought someone had 91K the other day, but it's still reading round 1.... Could really use that Toughpower DPS since I don't have a Tt PSU in my rig....*cough cough*
  12. https://store.thermaltakeusa.com/inside03.php?k=7&a=812 CHAO messenger bag, mine arrives today, video review up soon afterward. $75.00 on Amazon / $44.99 on TtBuy.
  13. HappyBuddhaman

    Core V21

    If this came in white, I could mount this on top of my GT Level 10 and keep all the liquid cooling reservoirs and pumps in there. Could design a cool "Waterfall" type design or expand my "Ghost in the Shell" idea. Really thinking on doing that later next year, would need to cut out the top of the Level 10 and the bottom of the V21, but, sure as #### would be interesting....
  14. I keep debating whether or not to do this to my MEKA G UNIT. I usually keep the lights off in my home office, and really love the illumination of the keyboard letters, and would hate to lose that, but #### it just looks so sexy.....
  15. If I had that, I would just spend my time loading it up with stuff, just because I could. Probably wouldn't get anything else done!
  16. I have 2, 1TB HDD's in RAID 0 with a 128GB boot drive. User profiles and programs on the RAID. Gopint to back it up with a 2 TB NAS. (Might go to 4 TB RIAD and NAS, haven't decided yet). For what you want to use it for 2 TB minimum for piece of mind, and get a backup.
  17. "Just drop your balls and hope for the best" - LOL every night being married.... "Grab Santa's balls and have some fun" - LOL HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA WOW!!!!
  18. Over clocking your screen means pushing the refresh rate (hertz) past it's stock value. If your screen has a stock rate of 60 hertz, pushing it to 75 would be overclocking it. It can usually only be done in the control panel of your video card, if your GPU has the option. My one I can't get past its stock of 60, my other I can push to 75, but I leave it at 60, I'll get higher hertz screens later on.
  19. PSU's should be face down when at the bottom of the tower, face up when at the top, fan should always draw air in from the outside.
  20. My build ia fairly new, so I'm more concerned with cooling fans, and those connections for the hot swappable drives in the GT Level 10 case, I've heard they have a tendancy to go first. But I think I'll be ok for at least a few years.
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