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  1. Hello tofu713 The cost setup will depend on your electricity cost in your region. so if its say 1 dollar then you would type "1" in the cost set then the DPS app 2.0 will to process to calculate the system using kwh, so for your situation you would type "0.2" For the login part, unfortunately it is still not available yet but it will be available on March 2015 Please let me know if you need any additional information
  2. Hello Marko Regarding the noise, its actually just a little coil whine which has no direct impact to the PSU. If you are finding it annoying you can contact customer service to get a replacement. Here are the details: http://my.thermaltake.com/index.aspx
  3. Using DPSapp software to run a voltage stability test for Toughpower DPS G digital power supply with water-cooled Core V51. Using DPSapp software to run a voltage stability test for Toughpower DPS G digital power supply with Core V1 and GTX 780 Using DPSapp software to run a voltage stability test for Toughpower DPS G digital power supply with Core V51 and GTX 780 in SLI
  4. Hello Exmix, Unfortunately we don't have a Dell XPS 8500 case to test, but according to the Dell website there shouldn't be much problem with using this PSU as it states that you can fit regular sized ATX power supply's
  5. When installing PSU's, do you face your PSU's up or down? any reason why?
  6. Hello Grestorn, Regarding your question, if you are overclocking and looking for a more stable system overclock, yes the 4 pin connector "could be" more stable. Most PSU's these days don't come catered for dual CPU systems so I think your best bet would be to try one of these Molex to 4pin adapter which can be found for a couple of bucks online!
  7. Hello guys, There are a few Windows settings that blocks out the DPSapp automatically, in order to allow the DPSapp to work properly please try the fix below. http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/663-my-dpsapp-software-for-dps-g-is-not-working-what-should-i-do/
  8. Question: My DPSapp software for Toughpower DPS / DPS G is not working when i click it, what should i do? Answer: Please try the steps below Step 1. Try to run as administrator Step 2. Press yes when the prompt pops up Step 3. Locate the control panel Step 4. Go to user accounts and family safety Step 5. Change user account control settings Step 6. Pull the left slider down to never modify Step 7. Click on OK
  9. Hello Crinos, Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience Regards to your issue, please take a look at the solution on this thread BR
  10. Hello Crinos, Thank you for your patience, Please give this solution a try and let us know if it fixes your issue.
  11. Hello Crinos, I have reported your situation to R&D and they are trying to simulate your current problem to find a solution, will give you a solution asap. we apologize for the delay
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