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  1. http://www.overclock.net/t/1515948/thermaltake-core-v1-owners-club COME AND SHOW OFF YOUR CORE V1!!!
  2. 2 main chambers - upper chamber ( motherboard tray and cooling fans ) lower chamber ( power supply and cable managment )
  3. Bro that's hot!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!! Love paint splatter!!! Hope to do something with mine soon!!
  4. Thank you. I want to fill this case with all thermaltake products!!!
  5. Do you carry a cpu cooler that is under 140 mm in height that would fit in the CORE V1?
  6. There isn't a 5.25" drive bay in the Core V1!!!
  7. Can't wait to see one of these modded!!! This case is awesome now!!!! Put your Southern flow on this one!
  8. Here is my review of this awesome case!!!!! http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/page/articles.html/_/reviews/cases/itx/thermaltake-core-v1-r111?pg=1 My review was re-formatted. This one is better. Enjoy! Thanks again Thermaltake, this case is AWESOME!
  9. Mine is definitely a budget build! I would love to do a better one!
  10. Thanks for the tip...it's unfortunate that I blew up the LEDs I had trying something stupid! LOL!
  11. I need a better pic of mine...too dark...
  12. http://imgur.com/a/kSN6e here are some pics of my core v1!!! This is definitely a great case. For one, I love how easy it is work in this case. There is so much room. It is very clever the way the motherboard gets mounted (NO MORE JACK SCREWS!!!) and the screws that hold on the panels are perfect since they won't scratch the finish so also maybe include similar screw for the power supply as well. Cable management is a breeze. The rubber bumpers for resting the power supply on are a great touch. Things I would like to see in this case would definitely be some rubber on the bottom of the feet for anti-vibration purposes. Think about including a switch for fan controlling for the 3 fans that this case can hold and maybe include an adapter for that connects to the USB 3 header to also make it compatible with USB 2. So all in all this is an amazing case and I would definitely recommend this case to anyone that wants to build and small form factor pc! I hope to do more with case. I want to put 80mm LED fans in the rear and install some LEDs to illuminate the case. Hope to also add a better cpu cooler as well since the ones supplied with AMD APUs are kind of loud. Thanks again!
  13. Received my Core V1 today. My initial reaction, this case is awesome. I didn't take off the panels or anything. Great build quality! Then I turned it over and was completely shocked by the plastic feet. Hoping for rubber on them, but can get around it. Other than that, I can't wait to get home and do my full review and put this awesome case together...thanks Tt!
  14. Mine shipped today! Very excited!!! Great job Tt!!!
  15. Excellent case! I just ordered mine. Will there be an option to buy more windowed panels?
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