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  1. Can't wait to see final pictures. #excitementoverdose
  2. I nominate Alex Ciobanu (Simple Modz) https://www.facebook.com/Simpl3Modz/?fref=ts Heath Coop (Tek by Design) https://www.facebook.com/tekbydesign/?fref=ts and also Dan Woods.
  3. I'm here to show my support for this build/modder, great job, keep going!
  4. Yea, I own this cooler. One of the best investments in my build. Still running perfectly (since ~2009 or so). Didn't ever bother about cpu temps ever.
  5. 2013 is my favourite for sure. Love all military-themed hardware and this exact one is just extremely awesome imo.
  6. I see. Funny thing - I remember the old times, when the same history happened to mobile phones, there were thousands of wierdest form-factors: sliders, flippers, rotators. But now they all the same - tablet-type monoblock. So the hardest times for marketing guys comes - they have to try hard to make their products unique. Btw, thanks for making things clear for me.
  7. Not sure if it's an appropriate thread for this... http://imgur.com/2P6kyEu Thermaltake V1, my first aftermarket cpu cooler. Look at the picture, look again. Ok, now ask yourself a question "why all hi-end, super hi-end and all other top cpu coolers (most of them) are made in tower-typed form factor?? Considering that most brands still produce air cooling (cpu ones) ac overall ain't gonna die soon. That's why I wonder why they stopped experiments with form-factor and shape of the heatsink...
  8. It's all about comfort of the grip for me. Considering that most mice nowadays have advanced sensors/high dpi/plenty of butttons (which btw is not always convinient to use). So choice is not that hard as it seems - I just have to pick the best combination of shape and grip type. p.s. currently use Razer Copperhead.
  9. It is absent. *singing*: "we don't need no fan-controller..."
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