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  1. Hi, 

    The SYNC controller, just to confirm this is what you are talking about..

    Does not have a daisy chain option, if you need to run more than 9 devices, you need 2 controllers and a motherboard that has 2 5v RGB LED headers. 

    Limitation not on our side for the most part.

    Not many MB support 2 5v headers right now, but it is growing, like yours, it has 2 12v headers but only 1 5v.


  2. Hi, 

    Turn off PWM, the values are static set in the software, but it will not change if the CPU temp does not. 

    I dont follow the difference on that part much, just a setting it seems you need to adjust.

    Can you give more info on the start process you mention, I want to try and recreate it.

  3. Hi, 

    From what I see,  it is only a couple people on that thread, I still think you just have to understand how to install it. I looked at the pictures again, its not far off, but I am in no way suggesting you do anything you are not comfortable with. 

    No I dont have that one, Gigabyte shares the same "feature" so it was just a reference. I have used other boards from asus with the built-in I/O and didnt have any big problems, just noticed same like you, gave it a push to the left and it was all good.

    I would recommend however to go with an Aorus for the Z390 as their boards have had the best reviews and I am happy with my Z390 Master.


  4. Hello,

    It will work, the new MB you will see from ASUS and Gigabyte both have this new design.

    It takes an extra look to get the I/O lined up right so the mounting holes line up. You have to push the board left to get the compression and secure it.

    That I/O panel is an industry standard, it will be the same with others that are not open frame. 

    Sorry for the frustrations you have had with this, good luck with whatever you decide to do, but either that case is damaged (Bent) or it is just a lesson on using a MB with a built on I/O.

  5. Hello,

    Check all the connections for the fans and the controller. Make sure the Molex is seated correctly for the power. 

    On the controller there is 2 settings for lighting and 1 for speed on the controller. 

    Check the website for the fans here: https://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Cooler/Case_Fan_/Riing/C_00002743/Riing_14_LED_RGB_256_Colors_Fan_3_Fan_Pack_/design.htm

    If you are in the RGB color cycle mode, pressing the Play/pause button 1 time will unlock the color and it will continue cycling through colors. Pause it again to lock it on that color or use the other button to pick a preset color. 

    AS for the other 2 fans not work, swap ports on the controller see if the issue follow or not. 

    If you cant get the LED to work, I would suggest to replace the controller. 

    Contact our USA support here: https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

  6. 4 hours ago, LnknLusT said:

    Dear Mike,


    I've sent you an email regarding the riser cable shipped a while ago and it came faulty. But was dissapointed to even go through the same hasstle again.


    Thanks inform if there's a working cable can be shipped as its the main reason for buying the case in the first place.

    And the current one is getting me nuts.


    Thanks for your usual support.



    This was a while back and I updated the OP to the new contact info for customers outside of USA. 

    Please contact the email or see our global contact list here for the best location for you.


  7. Hi, 

    The View 71 does not come with plus fans at this time, they are a totally different product. Depending on the model you purchased you probably will have to get new fans to match the AIO. 

    This is why we offer a RGB and standard edition of the case, If you want to use Plus fans for the addressable 5v features or another fan than the ones that come with the RGB edition, i would recommend to get the standard case and save on the cost.


  8. Hi, 

    When ever you make a change to the ports on said controller, it should change automatically for that device. Then, once you click save everything tied to that profile should update. 

    You have the option to copy color all but #1 and use #1 as your base. 

    Each controller can be the same or different profile as well if you want to say mix and match different profiles for fan speeds or to set colors/animations.

    It takes a bit to learn the software, we have some videos on it, but it looks like you got it going forward and hopefully this info helps ^^

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