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  1. Hi Guys, for the ones who are intrested here you can download all the files I designed for the BATMEM Project. .. Have fun! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4851915
  2. I had a blast meeting up with BATMAN, he realy made the TOUGHRAM name worthy ... I was fortunate to film it all with my securety CAM before he was Blown away ! plz enjoy and have fun on this one ... VIDEO Version 2.0 UPDATED sound etc...
  3. Time to light Up the Batsignal then, we need him to finnisch this scene... or should I replace him?
  4. May I have the honor to present you my TT BATMEM weapon crate, I will present it to BATMAN this weekend for him to test and will let you know his experience ... stay Tunned !
  5. Well, I thought it was time to unveil the fourth memory module ... Say hello to my little friend "FIREFLY" !! This time I took a candle tourtgh and resized it again to fit the memory module cover, 3D printed a special cover to mount all the major components in place with a fill port and ingnition mecamism. I also adjusted the tourgh to make the flame bigger... unfortunately not as BIG as planned but good enough to light up the place haha. I hope you like it? So stay tuned for this seasons final video next weekend! Cheers MP Assambling video on You Tube
  6. Thanks Ali, didn't know you loved blades and knifes so much... you love flames to? stay tunned for the next module
  7. Another week later ... time for Toughram module #3 ... Lad's & Gen's may I have the honor to show you 'THE TOUGH-KNIFE' !! After a long search, I found the perfect spring-assisted Batman knife, removed all unnecessary accessories and sharpened it as small as possible. 3D printed a TToughram-style ram module cover that keeps the blade in place, but also keeps the ram module shape as unobtrusive as possible. Perfect for BATMAN! The Making OF ->
  8. Looks EPIC, will probably have some troubles at the customs to
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