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  1. Alain Simpel from Belgium...always great builds check out his FB page Simplicity Designs ... Grtzz MikeP www.PC-customs.be
  2. Hi Bro's, like I promised I will finnisch themail Shui Shen like the original plan was. The window channel is under construction and Jim Weist is taking care of it...who else? I hade finally made the right measurements and send him the drawing. So I realy looking forward to complete this. In the mean time I can make you warm with some update pics. https://picasaweb.google.com/114481378113832976201/SHUISHENWaterGod#6297037565225637634 https://picasaweb.google.com/114481378113832976201/SHUISHENWaterGod#6297037563020234642 https://picasaweb.google.com/114481378113832976201/SHUISHENWa
  3. All that power in one P5.....Shui SHen 水神...cool all your Life !! @https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-E-MchWIyMf0/V0UFXSDzmkI/AAAAAAAAJ2g/JlOX37HeVIYWsTR4ULMt532qP2rOlcNSwCCo/s640/IMG_0950.JPG
  4. UPDATE !! So bro's this is the result of the paint job hope you like it? It's still not 100% hardned but good enough to manage...stay tunned for more !! Grtzzz MikeP.
  5. I will Use the special matte colour with red acrylic and red Tt coolant ...this is the result of the paint job ;-) Grtzz
  6. UPDATE !! Time for the Custom paint job!! I hasitated for a long time unthil I seen an new car on the parking lot and it's colour was amazing! It's from a newest Peugeot 208 and is caled Ice Silver...I liked it so much i decided to take this colour. It's a gunmetal metalic matte colour with a special structure in the paint, so it took the entiere day to spray it with 5 layers.... So here is the last picture before painting...naked in the sun !! The result will been seen tomorrow (drying now) STAY tuned folks the end is near !!!
  7. After everything was in place and al the cut's, drilling and filing was done it was time for the paint job !!
  8. UPDATE ! Hi folks, nice to see you are following this thanks!! With only 3 days on the counter I had to make a drastic decision and had to go to plan B.... Why? Well, as I got like 10 full days transport and customs delays I couldn't make up that lost time, so there was no other option than to use plan-B. The plan is to use PTEG tubings instead of my custom channel window... I know it sucks, but hey, better a finished build that's operational than a half build right? So as time flew by I printed my custom GPU brackets and mounted them in place as seen in picture below...notice the honeyco
  9. UPDATE Not only I hade to make some special seize cables but a powerhouse like the "Shui Shen" needs a lot of custom power cables... So I contacted a good friend of me Mundi from ICEMODZ.COM and gave him the exact length and connectors I needed for this project. And boy he did it again...what an exceptionally good quality sleev I got !! Just PERFECT color combination, length all AMAZING QUALITY !! THANK U SO MUCH MUNDI !!
  10. UPDATE Some smal parts but Oooo so important are these little things... You probably wonderd how the GPU's will work let stand in SLI ? Well let me show you some secret "home made" stuff like these EXTREME long PCI-express 3.0 raisers and a 1meter long SLI cable !! And you know what? IT WORKS 100% 90CM long PCI-express raisers and 100cm long SLI bridge (hade some trouble with that doh)
  11. UPDATE So finally the Belgium customs released my shipment with some extra cooling parts, I was finally able to put all the waterblocks on so I can finally measure all the distances between the pteg pipes later on... BLOCK ON !! NOW THE RAMMMMMMMssssss X16 SLOTS
  12. UPDATE !! Time for another update folks, if been extremely busy so I apologia for the slow rate of update's...the End is near so the updates will come fast now! To start with I will show you some acrylic illustrating clips where you can see the making off the CPU mounting covers and some other panels you'll come across later on... After the parts where laser I glued them together with Acryfix and this is the result
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