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  1. Super tough but Marc brought me back to my roots where it all started. Spent so much money in arcades!! Going with him.
  2. jtheater

    Giveaway entry

    Cmon Marc Molella! I got you brother! Good luck!
  3. Grats to the CaseMOD winners!

  4. Well, my vote really didn't help in a win but it was nice to have a voice. Congrats to Suchao Sending PM now. Thanks Andy!
  5. Not too happy with Santa's balls. HAHAHA! Fun game though. EDIT: Didn't think I could do any worse.... But I did. 6k... EDIT 2: I'm done with this game... It hates me.
  6. FPS and MMORPG pretty much. Borderlands, WoW, Diablo. I'm thinking about WASD caps. We will see. I appreciate the help fellas.
  7. I found the others that I can afford though. 3 to 5 weeks? Wow!
  8. I've had this case for 3 years. Everything has changed in it. One thing always stays the same, my Level 10 GT.
  9. United States Paul.... I've been looking online but haven't seen them available yet.
  10. Couldn't afford this version so I got the level 10 offspring.
  11. 393mm... This would go nicely in my Level 10 please I have the perfect spot
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