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  1. The support have been taking ages to even respond to my support ticket, So I hope the community can be more forgiving..? Recently, a week i'd say, my mouse has been giving quite a hard time. One day, out of nowhere, it freezes, the mouse stops working, after around 5 seconds, a windows beep sound is made similar to when a new driver is added, At first I assumed it wasn't much, Then is started to happen more often, and the more time went by, the more often it happened, it would happen once or twice a day for the first couple of days, and now it happens like.. every hour. Not only that, but after 3-4 days, it not affects the computer, everytime it freezes, so does the computer. Although it does happen only once an hour, it is frustrating. I would appreciate all the help I can get, <3 Notes : - If gaming (teamfortress 2), the mouse freezes more often. - The mouse stopped freezing for almost 2 days after I took out the battery, only 5min ago did it freeze again. - I tried different ports. - I tried to uninstall the driver and reinstall. - I tried kissing it with all my love and telling it that it had nice hair. - Only the mouse is affected, keyboard and mic are not. - The mouse is USB. In the end, I do wish this was a software error, or atleast just the mouse, not the computer.
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