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  1. If tt made a headphone that matched the sound of a nad viso hp50 it would be the best headset ever, a little over +3db @30hz, a linear downward line form 100hz to 1khz, a gentle deep between 2k and 7k and a moderate peak between 8k and 10k with a moderate treble roll off, that is the best and most realistic sound that a closed headphone can have, according to the harman research http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/NADVISOHP50.pdf
  2. I agree, it is acomfortable and well thought out, but the sound is fatiguing, Im comparing it to a pair of sennheiser hd 419 that i have, the treble in the cronos is fatiguing, edgy, and the bass is very low, I remember the shock having a very similar sound but with more decent bass
  3. In use, i have a logitech g400s which has the same sensor, I use 800dpi, when i try to make a fast 180 turn on csgo the saphira locks, and the g400s doesnt
  4. I tried it with windows 8.1 update1 x64, windows 7 sp1 x64 and windows 7 sp1 x86, on a wooden desk and a steelseries qck+ mousepad
  5. Hello, I wanted to give some ideas for a new mouse, I have some experience with gaming mouse so i think I could be useful. 1. pmw3310 sensor, with adjustable lift off distance and adjustable x/y axis in steps of 50 dpi, this is the best sensor on the market and it would be a very flexible mouse with those features. 2. mcu with storage capacity for 2 profiles with macros at least. 3. use the black elemtent shell, it is a nice designed shape and it would be ambidiextrous so it would be very flexible 4. 6 buttons, 2 main clicks with 20M omroms, 1 wheel with optical encoder, and 3 function buttons, 2 behind the wheel and 1 in the front. 5. no lights or weights, just pure performance and speed, and that would keep the price down. The idea is to make a mouse that can compete with mice like the mionix avior 7000 or steelseries rival, but under 40usd, it would be one of the best on the market for competitive rts, moba or fps gaming.
  6. yeah, it worked the same before and after the firmware
  7. I bought the dasher pad when it first came out, like 4 years ago, it was a deffective pad, it had way too much friction, the mouse was very hard to move so i gave it away to a friend. Then I got an steelseries qck+ and it was way better in every aspect, specially the frction aspect which is the MOST important aspect of a pad IMO. Then I bought a phyrrus for a friend and I was very surprised, it is like my qck but faster, much better friction (lower), this pad is just awesome and it kills every other similar pad, it is fast, all black for better tracking, it has a big sized version, it is very inexpensive and it feels rugged, well put together. My only concern is the long term durability, I just tried this pad for 1 day and it worked flawlessly, I hope it can keep working like that for a long time. I would say this pad is the best tt esports product.
  8. I used the firmware on this site for both mice: http://www.ttesports.com/Mouse/25/SAPHIRA/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr#.U-R3Lfl5M-g
  9. I want to give my feedback on this headset. I bought it for a client that wanted a complete gaming pc, at first i was way better than the shock headset, the cronos is comfortable, better built, better designed and it has removable cables, i would say it is one of the few tt headsets with common sense on it, but it has 2 problems: 1. the sound, it is fatiguing and bass light, the shock headset was fatiguing too but it had bass at least, they sound very similar but the cronos without bass, if tt is planing a new version of this headset i would keep the ergonomics and design and fix the sound. 2. gimmicky features, if the headset didnt have lights and so much cables it would have been cheaper, the main use of this headset is online pc gaming, we dont need lights or cellphone conectivity, just a simple analog stereo headset with one single durable cable with mic and hp connectors I like to compare this headset to the plantronics gamecom 380 and the logitech g430, since they cost about the same, and Im happy to report the tt cronos comes close, it is a significant imporvement over the shock failure, but the sound is better on the other brands, if this headset had a nice, balanced sound with a little bass boost, and more clean treble it would have been a good choice.
  10. I hope t it is better than the shock failure, at first glance it looks bad, it has that gimmicky earcup design, if I was a gaming product designer and my company had the "esports" word on it I would prioritize practicality over looks, that earcup design for example doesnt look like it is designed for human ears, human ears dont have that shape. If i wanted to design a gaming headset i would realize it would have to be like a studio monitor, comfortable and isolating, the earcup would have the shape of the sony mdr-v6 or the audio technica m50x, that simple design choice with a nice protein leather memory foam pads would make the headset very good.
  11. I have to rate this headphone a 3/10, it is VERY un comfortable, the ergonomics are wrong, the pads are too stiff, the padding on the headband is stiff, thats the problem with the comfort, the design is wrong too, the earcups have an adjusting feature that is very stiff at first but gets loose with time and evetually comes off. The mic is TERRIBLE, noisy and it doesnt work with some soundcards. The sound is the only acceptable part about this headphone, is is a mediocre sound, but it isnt as bad as the rest of the headphone, it has a nice bass and i can hear an acceptable level of game detail, the problem is the very fatiguing treble, the treble is piercing and hurts my ears, some friends have confirmed this too, the sound would be nice at least if the treble texture was soft and nonfatiguing. I compare this headset to other headsets in this price range, like the plantronics gamecom 380 and the logitech g430, and it just doesnt compete, the plantronics and the logitech are way more comfortable, the mics have no problems, they sound about the same thought, the shock, 380 and the g430, thats why i said the sound was acceptable. If this shock headset had a better mic, different ergonomics and design, but the same price and sound it would have been a nice contender
  12. Hello, today I want to post my feedback on the saphira mouse. I have bought 2 of this mice, one for my brother and one for a friend, I tested them both, and this is what I think: The hardware part is brilliant, the avago 3090 sensor is just a masterpiece and the switches, wheel and shape of the mouse are just spot on, the problem is the software. I dont know why thermaltake decided to make a different software for each peripheral, i have tried the black mouse too, and the software is just very weak and buggy, in the saphira software when i try to adjust the dpi it has to be done in a special manner because if you try to type in the dpi number it just doesnt save, the double click speed and the scroll speed slider just dont work, and if i save a polling rate value to the mouse it resets when i plug it in a different pc, I set it to 1000hz on my pc and when i plug it in my laptop it works at 125 or 500. The software gave me a windows error after instalation and the graphical design of it is just wrong. The other problem with this mouse is the sensor, I dont get why it malfunctions so fast, this same sensor (3090) works flawlessly on other mice (spawn, g400, deathadder 3.5g) I can reach high speeds with those mice, but in the saphira it locks when I move it too fast, Ive tested this with a qck+ mousepad and with a wooden desk and it gives me the same result, it has to be a firmware error because this sensor is just perfect, the saphira is very accurate and works good, but it doesnt reach the same speeds as other mice with this sensor. I have tested this mouse with different computers and versions of windows and it is always the same errors. It has a minor bug too, the lock switch is bugged, when you flip the switch to lock the side buttons they still work.
  13. It is a buggy mouse, the sensor is very problematic, the version with the philips twin eye sensor. Ill tell you my experience with this mouse, the mouse is comfortable, it has an ergonomic form factor, the swithces and wheel are nice, and it has nice features, BUT it has a problem, the sensor, that philips twien eye 4000dpi sensor, it goes crazy everytime I lift it up and reposition it, it happens a lot with mice with this type of sensor, thats why razer atatched a lift off sensor to the imperator and the mamba. This happens with a friends black too. I tried updating the firmware, but the download section is a total MESS, I downloaded everything on the download section and nothing worked except for the old and clunky software aplication, and one of the downloads gave me a blue screen, seriously update that download section. If the sensor worked as well as the rest of the mouse this would be a perfect mouse, and the software really needs a rework, i dont get why thermaltake makes a different software for each mouse, why just dont make a standar software for all your peripherals like the razer synapse or the logitech gaming software, I have used this black mouse and the saphira and the software is very clunky, misleading, buggy, not intuitive, poorly designed. I like the hardware design of your products a lot, good sensor and component choises, but the firmware and software just kills this products.
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