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  1. Dang it does look good. I may have to switch to that I am wanting to water cooler my ram and the motherboard so I would need the extra power that D5 offers that and I want to get the WP100 or 200 case when it comes out you guys are doing an awesome job with the new cases
  2. I also just updated a small part of my rig I added a fan controller where the black plate is covering the power supply https://youtu.be/Exqna_3yU0c
  3. Thanks man, I do want to get the newer Thermaltake pump and res with the D5.
  4. MinotPanda

    Core X Series

    You can fit almost double that with Radiators http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/43231-project-overkill/# I have 26 right now will have more soon
  5. I am new to the forum sorta been reading but I haven't actually posted. Wanted to start by sharing my rig. Here is a build log video you can skip to 2:45 to ignore me talking haha it has come a long way if you wanted to check out the rest of the videos I have posted on my channel hope you guys like it Thermaltake Core X9 i7 5820k OC 4.6 MSI X99A Gaming 7 Motherboard 32Gbs Corsair DDR4 LPX ram 2 x EVGA GTX 780sc 6Gb cards Corsair HX1050 PSU SanDisk Ultra 480 SSD PNY 240 SSD SanDisk 240 SSD Cooling Thermaltake PT 60 Pump/Res Combo Thermaltake 480 x 64mm Rad Hardwarelabs 360 x 30mm Rad XSPC 240 x 30mm Rad XSPC Fittings and Coolent 18 x Corsair SP 120 Red LED Fans 8 x Corsair AF 120 Red LED Fans 2 x Corsair AF 140 Red LED Fans 1 X Cooler Master 200mm Red LED Fan
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