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  1. I'm currently looking into this as well. I'm not sure on the what type they are if there Cathode or Anode. Anode is more common, If it is Anode you can re-wire the fittings to a new controller very easily with proper terminals & connectors.
  2. Item: Thermaltake Pacific RGB LED 1. I was wondering if you know if the LED in the fittings are Cathode or Anode? 2. Is there any way to sync them up with RGB headers on the motherboard? 3. If question 2 is no, With proper wiring, terminals & connectors is it possible to rig the LED fittings to another RGB controller (Like Aqua-Computer)? 4. Are the fittings copper? I don't want to be mixing metals 5. Anyone know if fittings will work with Glass tubing if the OD & ID matches the fitting specs?
  3. I have a bunch of Basic version of Premium edition fans (120). Before I go ahead and install them, does the new software work or not? I'm not going to go through install all the fans just to find out the software is completely useless. How I have my radiators setup it's hard to remove some of my fans due to all the tight space. Whats the difference between these and the new Plus version other then what seems to be PWM and new controller box?
  4. I'm in the market for a good cube case. The core X9 hits everything I want. I never own a Thermaltake case before. However I have a few question for anyone who knows the case. 1. I know it's designed for Watercooling in mind, Could I use it for aircooling as well and would the case be kept cool? I might do water cooling down the road. 2. Hows the Build quality? I know a saw one cube case and it was just cheap plastic. 3. Hows the noise level, Does it block out most of the noise?
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