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    Round 2 has started! vote for your favorite rigs on the poll!

    Voting Ends: 5/20/2020


    Timmy Parker - View 51


    Marc Chibani - Core P5


    Franco Warboy Martinelli - Core P5


    George Antonopoulos - Core P5


    AML Custom PC - A500


    Rob "Deblow" Deluce - Level 20 GT


    tantric - Level 20 VT


    Douglas Alves Modding - Core V71


    Turritopsis - Level 20 MT


    RYUTECH MODZ - Core P5


    Илья Байда - Core P5


    cristianomod - Level 20 GT


    primerajuly - Level 20 GT


    Explore Modding - Core P5


    orkusmodding - Level 20 GT


    TantrumL - Core P5


    TheTechAllen - Level 20 GT


    XneaLx ModPc Gaming - Level 20 VT


    Patrick Kahiga - View 71


    Rich Stanton - Core P3


  2. Rig & Battlestation FB Banner.jpg

    We are inviting the community to join our new event which is open for all!
    2020 Thermaltake Rig & Battlestation Showdown!

    To enter, all you have to do is post a photo of you mod or Tt battle station below on this thread!

    Please follow the "RULES" below to enter, if the rules and conditions are not met you will not be eligible to proceed to Round 2.

    There will be a total of 2 rounds. After round 1 Thermaltake will choose 20 of the best photos and hold Voting. 


    1. To enter you must use only a "Thermaltake" Chassis you can enter as much rigs as you like!

    2. You must own at least one additional Thermaltake item i.e. Fans, Power supply, LCS

    3. If you are posting a battlestation photo with a screen you must only use a Thermaltake wallpaper (You can download your very own Thermaltake wallpaper here: https://www.thermaltake.com/wallpapers)

    4. You must write a short description about the theme of your battlestation / Rig with your name and Thermaltake Product(s) used.



    1st place: Winner will receive an AH T600 chassis, and the chance to be in Team TT Modding

    2nd place: Runner up will win a LCS Kit

    3rd place: 3rd place will win TT Gaming set



    Thermaltake Judge 35%
    Meaning that everyone from Thermaltake HQ excluding the event planning team, will be given one vote for their favorite build.
    Thermaltake CEO 15%
    Thermaltake CEO Kenny Lin will be scoring the modders according to his personal preference and his judging system, total score will be 15% given by him.
    Tt Community Members 25%
    At Thermaltake we value our customers, so this time we have decided to hold a community voting event allowing the fans to have a say in who wins!
    Professional Modders 25%
    We will be choosing a few professional and renowned modders to help judge the outcome of this event.

    Event Dates

    Start Date: 4/15/2020

    Due Date: 5/5/2020

    Round 2 Starting Date: 5/8/2020

    Voting Ends: 5/20/2020

    PLEASE NOTE: Dates may change, Thermaltake reserves the rights to disqualify any cheaters during the voting event. 

    Please make sure you own the rights to the photos, any copyright material is prohibited.

    Have fun and good luck!

  3. banner-4_02.jpg

    2020 Thermaltake Neonmaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1

    We are proud to announce that the first-ever light editing contest in the world will be starting today!

    Twelve contestants from eight different countries will show how well they can compose a light show with our latest RGB lighting customization editing software—NeonMaker!

    We will be running a lot of giveaways so stay tuned!
    More info: https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/

    Event Rules

    2020 Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Mix Invitational Season 1’s focus will be on the “NeonMaker” software and “Riing Quad Fan.”
    Participating modders are given a specific time frame to use the NeonMaker software to create a unique RGB fan lightshow with the Riing Quad fan. Contestants must only use the Thermaltake “NeonMaker “software to create the lighting effects, and to use only the Riing Quad fan.
    No modifications to the fan nor should the contestants use other components other than the NeonMaker and the Riing Quad Fan.
    Rules violation could result in disqualification.


    Thermaltake NeonMaker Lighting Software

    NeonMaker is the new advanced editing software for RGB lighting customization. NeonMaker provides various stunning pre-set lighting effects, but also allows users to edit their lighting effects on every single LED light bulb, granting access to further customizable lighting options.


    Thermaltake Riing Quad Fans

    Thermaltake Riing Quad radiator fan is designed with 4 independent LED rings totaling 54 LEDs and 16.8 million color combinations. The fan is virtually inaudible when in operation and supports our NeonMaker light editing software and TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem. Comes in 120mm, 140mm and in black and white!

    Riing Quad 12 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition 3 Pack

  4. giveaway announcement.png

    Hello Guys,

    Sorry for the delay but here are the first few giveaway winners! congrats! 


    Please send TT Andy a inbox message before December 1st to claim your prize!


    [Pre Event Predictions] (August 23rd ~ September 20th)


    Floe 240 AIO cooler : แตงกิ้ว ฮิฮิ้วฮิฮิ้ว

    Core P5 V2: killermob001




    Prediction Voting Event (September 20th ~ October 18th)


    Level 20 VT: xakasepe

    TOUGHRAM RGB Memory DDR4 3000MHz 16GB (8GB x 2): TomikoV1




    Download TT MOD Giveaways

    Toughpower PF1 ARGB 850W PSU: Zaenal M

    Floe DX RGB 240 TT Premium Edition: Nurfalah Ai


  5. i_banner_1.jpg
    Pre Event Predictions (August 23rd ~ September 20th)
    • Pre Event Predictions will run from August 23rd to September 20th Prizes will be announced at a later date.
    • All you have to do is write down on the thread who your top pick for this season is for your chance to win.
    • Prizes to be won: Floe 240 AIO Cooler, Core P5 V2
    • This event is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple Inc.


    Floe 240 AIO cooler


    Floe Riing RGB 240 TT Premium Edition


    Core P5 V2


    Core P5 TG V2 Black Edition

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