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[Spain] Aitor Larrañaga

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I'm Hardkmodder "Hardtxi"

     It's been a while since the last competition, I got married, then the covid came ... we continue with the covid ... We cannot leave our town here if it is not to work ....... We geeks have been preparing for this all our lives, zombies are missing.

But hey, I'm back xD. I keep modifying computers, as a hobby, but I will make time for this project ^^. It's going to be fun creating something that's not a pc, it reminds me of cosplay. xD



My project for this contest will be, a railgun, "the Rams" will be the power source of the weapon. It will carry 4 at the top.

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this project.
I wanted it to be something small, so I could hold it in my hand. The first sketch of the weapon was smaller, I decided to make it a little bigger. 90 cm x 40 cm. You will have your own briefcase. xDThe ske

leton is made of wood, and now to give it shape ^^




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Finished  "Snézhinsk" project.


The Snézhinsk weapon was created by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, but it never came to light due to its devastating effects on the people who used it. Despite its potential for destruction, the users would suffer terrible mutations of their DNA and their demise in a short space of time. 

 Snézhinsk thanks to the energy cells “ElectroRamTek" which is capable of splitting the electrons and protons from the atomic core, redirecting all the energy towards a beam of neutrons capable of passing through any material and eliminating the enemies.

The energy overload caused by the protons and electrons is redirected and transformed into light energy. The use of protective glasses are mandatory to avoid damage to the user's retinas.















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