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  1. The ESL Trackmania team are set to play Planetkey Dynamics for the number one spot in the ESL Premiership this season! Watch the game tonight on the following streams: http://www.twitch.tv/xxrider and http://www.twitch.tv/speedy_tm Look forward to a evening with a lot of awesome Trackmania!
  2. I see I see that's pretty neat ^^ How are you finding all the gear? Any particular favourites?
  3. Read our Counter-Strike:GO journey at the ROCCAT Multiplay 56 CSGO tournament here: http://mnm.gg/insomnia-series-56-csgo-coverage-hub/
  4. Read our League of Legends journey at the Razer Multiplay i56 Challenger Cup Tournament here. http://mnm.gg/insomnia-series-56-league-of-legends-coverage-hub/
  5. That's an interesting setup you have there mockingbird. I'm wondering if at LAN you'd set yourself up with an angled screen as well because it would be what you're familiar with.
  6. A photo from the League of Legends Top Laner Sam "Artorias" Willis
  7. Two teams from the Tt eSPORTS family battling it out! This will definitely be interesting to see
  8. Looking forward to seeing the team compete ! I'll definitely be checking in on updates
  9. They most likely do have sketch files otherwise it'd be difficult to manufacture without them! Whether they pass it on or not is a different question. I think though if you're building a desk to fit the computer perhaps having one physically there would be just as good!
  10. Hey welcome to the Tt eSPORTS family guys
  11. I first started out with a Razer headset, but in my opinion they're not built very rigidly and you're right the mic is TERRIBLE! Thank you for the support it's very much appreciated Aconjonancio! Thanks for the welcome d3c33u be sure to follow our twitter and facebook to stay up to date with the goings on of MnM May the odds ever be in your favour SergUA622 , I wish everyone could use the Cronos headset!
  12. Which keyboard are you currently using? Once you go mechanical you can never turn back!
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