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  1. Does Tt happen to have, or thought about having made Sketch up files for their cases? I'm building a new desk and wanted to try to fully integrate my case into the design of the desk. Was just wondering.
  2. Well, jsut when I thought they were gone, they're back. So it isn't the cables. Something in the hot swap area isn't happy with the world and for the life of me I can't figure it out. Any one got any recommendations on replacements?
  3. Ok, I'm ready to declare a verdict here. it was probably the Sata Cables. The Wife and I both had new systems we made, so I was using the cables from the system build. The latest cables were 3rd party and since installing them I've had no issues. I'm glad to report it doesn't seem to have been the case since that would have been a bummer. On an unrelated but funny note. You all may like to know that your upper fans on the L10 systems are strong enough that they will over heat a cat. Mine has taken to sleeping up there when its a cooler day. Only thing left for me to do, is figure out how to fix the handle gap on the front, but thats pure cosmetics.
  4. Hello again Mike! From my testing of the drives they work fine outside of the system. I received brand new SATA cables yesterday and have put them in as well. Currently the new drive has been performing well enough that I have put the power array cable back in place to see if it will have any effect on the drive. Of course with the System open I'm not able to check heat issues. I'm going to monitor it over the weekend and see how it does. Now I'm off for the idiots guide for connecting fans to the Mother board.
  5. Now why didn't I think to check that. I'll do that as soon as I can and report back my findings.
  6. Hello all, I'm hoping you guys can help me track down a problem with my L10. I've had the case for a while now but have had continual issues with my HD dropping out from windows (7, 64) Here is what I've done so far: I removed the power array cable to see if that would help, it didn't. Replaced the sata cable three times, no luck. Relocated, swapped trays, and even replaced the drive itself, still no joy. At this point I'm thinking its either the physical connector between the cable and the trays or a heat issue. I'm not super technical with hooking up the fans to the MB so I'm not sure how or, if I can speed up, the front fan. By chance can I order/replace the connectors from the tray to the arrays? I'd really be bummed if I have to replace the case as I had some fun and had it professionally pin striped!
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