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  1. stealth80

    RGB Fans

    Hi, Hopefully someone else agrees with me here, I think TT make some of the best looking fans on the market, especially the new RGB Premium! However I have one major problem which I overcame with my Riing 12's. I have a total white build I would love to add some RGB Premiums to it, but painting these fans was a pain in the **** Please TT can you release some Snow Edition fans
  2. I'm currently thinking of moving my X9 build into a view 27, however, is there any plans to release a Snow Edition? I ask cause 3 weeks after I sprayed my X9 white, TT released a Snow Edition! its changed a little now as I have a single 1080 rather than 2x 970
  3. Hurray, Parcelforce finally picked up my shipment from UK customs, a nice little box of modding kit for this build! Thanks to Primochill for providing the following products: So 2x Flow Meters, A Rigid Bender, a whole bunch of the new Primochill RSX fittings and a whole bunch of Primochill 12/10mm PETG tubing Rigid Bender, seems like a nice piece of kit, used it this evening and it definitely works, good job Primochill! 2x Flow Meters - During the last 6 months or so my rig has been pretty #### quiet, too quiet. At times I wasn't sure if the pumps were
  4. my Asus RoG Swift 27" has just been delivered and I will be changing loop on this very soon to PETG tubing with flow indicators
  5. Got the second card installed last week and fully flushed both loops and had a bit of a clean up: The EKWB FC Terminal Bridge. Took me a while to work out how the #### this would fit, got there in the end! ​
  6. The Stealth Cable Combs arrived today, so I could finally get to work with depinning and combing these cables! Think i'm done for now, until I get permission to buy/get donated another 970GTX to SLI this thing! Thanks for viewing
  7. Looks great, made me want to tweak my X9 build now ! I really REALLY, like what you did with the motherboard tray and 24/6 pin connectors. Do you have more detail on how you did this, i would really like to do it with mine
  8. Well the memory arrived and its now fitted so i guess that this is now complete, it's taken a lot longer than i wanted it to, but then working away for 3 months probably didn't help! :roll eyes: Here's the ram all fitted: Thanks again to Mick at Mayhems for providing the 360mm Havoc Radiators, all the coolants and the Blitz Pro Kit :clap: Thanks for reading :thumb:
  9. Well it's almost there, still need to drain the cpu loop and change the extender on the chipset block. Also considering some Hyper X Fury ram sticks to add a little more white to the motherboard area. Water block now fitted, just annoying that you can't actually see the good work the EK guys did A little look around the far side
  10. It would have been useful if the snow edition was available around 3 months ago, i spent around a week and £80 on spray paint making my X9 white =) Sounds good
  11. Well its been a while, i haven't stopped this project, just another month or so away before i can complete it. I ordered the remaining cables and water block for the GPU this week, so it should be good to complete once i return home!
  12. The final 2x fittings arrived meaning that the tube between the cpu and vrm blocks should be parallel
  13. Ye unfortunately I'm away with work for a couple of months now the finish is going to have to wait. I also need to make some changes to pump and fan controls
  14. Slight change to the cpu > chipset blocks Loving that PWM plug there So i'm about to go away with work for a while which puts this build on hold for a little while, so heres my to do list (for me as much as others!) Ek 8mm extender needs fitting to the Chipset block as you can see in the picture its not quite parallel. Order and fit EK 970 ACX + Nickel Backplate. Order 1x XSPC Chrome 90 degree fitting (not in stock at the moment). This is the final fittings for the GPU loop. Figure out a way to either make the bitfenix recon work with the pwm hubs and ek pwm pumps or buy
  15. Yup as above, I have this and its a dual slot. But imo, ditch the optical drive, I haven't had one for 18 months and aint needed one =)
  16. Postman came today with not one, not 2, but 3 parcels :clap: My remaining fittings Quickly got everything connected, carried out a few hour flush and then filled the system. Done some leak checks just bleeding it now: Love that block! Had to take the fittings out from the CPU > Chipset as there just wasn't enough room to bend the hose: Reservoir filled (well the cpu loop) Just gotta get the EK Block now for the 970GTX, but that is going to have to wait as I have to go away with work tomorrow :waah:
  17. Spent some time today working on the cable management around the motherboard tray and got the CPU and Chipset blocks fitted, just waiting on those compression fittings to arrive today, had an interesting chat with watercoolinguk.co.uk today which ended in no more information on where the #### the fittings are:
  18. Ye he's pretty cute, most of the time .... Royal Mail appear to have lost a package containing the rest of my compression fittings .... some of my goods today! My blocks arrived :clap: EK Supremecy EVO EK Asus M7G
  19. So i decided to paint the reverse of the PCIE adapter for the Samsung XP941 as the green wasn't really fitting with the colour scheme and my assistant (or so he thinks)
  20. Radiators all fitted now, 8 hours work and it doesn't look much different Hopefully the remaining compression fittings will arrive on Monday with the EK chipset and CPU Blocks
  21. These radiators look great, unfortunately I can't test them yet cause watercooling.co.uk can't get an order to me having paid on 26th Feb for an in stock item! Rant over, the rads are painted and ready to refit:
  22. Rads primed and working on the top coat now
  23. What's in the box ? 2x Mayhems 360mm Havoc Radiators! Quad pass, triple chamber, can't wait to try these, but first I need to paint the primer to match the case, back to annoying the wife! Nice paint free threads! Ready for painting, a quick layer of white primer (although it's primed I feel going white needs to be over white primer ) before painting
  24. Update 06/03/15 Just had some goodies arrive from Mayhems! A pretty large box in which contained: 2x 1 Ltr Pastel Red 2x 1 Ltr Pastel Ice White 1x 1 Ltr H2O Pure 2x Blitz Pro 2 2x 15ml Red Dye 1x Blitz Clean Basic and 2x something else ..... Thanks again to Mick at Mayhems!
  25. Had a chat with Mick over at Mayhems today and he confirmed that the coolants and Blitz cleaning kit will arrive tomorrow along with an added special as a bonus....
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