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  1. I currently built my own system using Thermaltake Core V71 I wonder if anyone knows will ROG PANEL fit in top slot of my case my second slot is my Optical drive Thank You
  2. Thank You very much I will do that today. Regards Nick
  3. Hello I was wondering if someone from Thermaltake could help me. I currently assembled a computer using your Thermaltake V71 which I must say is an amazing case. Today when I was doing wiring and plugged everything in I noticed that the LED controller is not working ( it worked first day i was testing my motherboard) everything on that controller works except LED on/off. After I Google the issue I noticed that few people had same issue and it was in regards to Molex. I live in Toronto Canada and I was wondering if I could get that part sent to me I don't mind paying for it I really like the case and last thing i want to do is look for another case/brand. I triple checked all the wiring that and did not made the error but its not the wiring. Please help I have attached the picture in regards to the part I was referring too. Regards Nick
  4. I'am having the same issue glad i stumble upon the same issue. I hope Thermaltake can do something for me it will suck to go buy a new case and transfer all my components again.
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