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  1. Okay, so I received the replacement FAN CONTROLLER and everything works as it should. I suspect the underlying issue was with the MOLEX power connector because the LED lights are much brighter and the fans sound as if they are running faster. No damage on the PCB and the soldering looked good, so I suspect the issue was with the molex itself. I appreciate the forum's help. Trey
  2. ThermalMike, I called the Toll Free number. They are sending a replacement FAN CONTROLLER. I will post the results once received and installed. Thanks, Trey
  3. ThermalMike, Thank you for the welcome! I did as you suggested and checked the molex connection. I unplugged and reconnected the fan controller to the PSU molex, and then booted. Same issue upon reboot. I have the fan controller plugged into a PSU molex that is powering the MSI 970 4G and my HD. So, I thought I would try running a new molex from the PSU with nothing attached but the fan controller. I rebooted and am still having the same issue. Also, I did as recommended and made sure the button is not stuck. The button definitely is not stuck, and the printed circuit board does not appear to be damaged. However, I did notice that the top 200mm fan's LED lights appear to be weaker/dimmer than the two mounted on the front of the case. These are the stock 200mm fans that came with the case. Is it possible that the top 200mm fan could be defective? If so, could it cause the FAN LED ON/OFF switch to not function? Again, the other switches work flawlessly. If the FAN CONTROLLER is defective, is it possible to RMA the FAN CONTROLLER through Thermaltake directly without returning the entire case? It looks as if the FAN CONTROLLER is connected to the case via two screws. Anyways, any thoughts or ideas? Is it possible that the case's top 200mm fan is defective and is ultimately responsible for this issue? I appreciate the help in resolving this issue, and as stated previously, this issue is purely cosmetic. Everything works flawlessly other than the LED ON/OFF switch. I am hoping to resolve the issue without having to disassemble/remove all of the components from the V71 tower. Thank you in advance for further recommendations/advice. Trey
  4. Hi forum, I built my first computer two weeks ago for gaming and everything went extremely well. No issues, except that I am unable to figure out why my FAN LED switch does not work. I recently went thru the case and made sure everything was connected, and it does appear as if I connected everything properly. The FAN LOW and FAN HIGH switch works, along with the POWER and RESET switch provided on the fan controller. Again, everything works except the FAN LED switch. When the PC is powered on the LED lights on the three 200mm FANs power on, but nothing happens when I hit the switch to turn off the LED lights. I have the three original 200mm case fans connected to the fan controller and nothing more. Is there some stupid/simple step I missed when hooking everything up that is causing this delay? Or, is it possible I have a defective fan controller? I believe everything regarding the fan controller is hooked up properly, that is, as the other switches on the controller work flawlessly. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations? This issue is purely cosmetic as everything else is working great, but I would like FAN LED ON/OFF switch to work. I appreciate everyone's advice and/or recommendations. Oh, and my build's specs are listed below: V71 Case X99 Deluxe 5960X MSI GTX 970 4G 16GB Corsair DDR4-2133 PSU Corsair CX750 NEPTON 280 Thanks again, Trey
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