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  1. Hello all I thought I would post this here for everyone. Firstly I did have a few issues. First is that the Water 3.0 writing does not light up. I am not sure if it is supposed to as the other corsair brands do. If not that is perfectly fine, I just want to make sure I have it set up. Secondly, the Thermaltake level 10 gt snow is a great case. I have one issue with it as of right now. I press the led color changing button to change the colors of the front and side fans. Sometimes the fans change colors, some, one fan changes and the other stays the same. It is kinda a pain but I can get over it. My only other gripe is that I do not like that when I open the side of it and close the side again it resets the color shift fan color. Lets see, the Water 3.0 is running currently at 41C with a minor overclock at 4.0 GHZ. The only problem I have with the unit is that the fan cors are a bit too short to do any well cable management. Lastly, the Thermaltake software will not run. When I try and run it, it says something like "Can not find device" or something like that., The unit is working though. Overall, Thermaltake you take king in my book. The case is great, the watercooler is great. Thank you for providing such excellent parts for my gaming rig. What I will do not is attach some pics of my rig. I am also starting up my own yutube channel. I will post a link to that if I am allowed to. If not please delete the link. Here is my PC specs. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/7gxYcf Anyway it has pics on there but am posting them here. If ANYONE has any idea on where to plug my water 3.0 extreme into my motherboard so the software can work, let me know. I did try my best with cable managment.
  2. #### THANK YOU This will be the first time having fans that actually say which was is which instead of plugging them into another pc and checking the airflow with a hand. You guys are awesome. My level10 gt snow and my mobo should be here today. Seeing as this will be my first top of the line gfx card and liquid cooled cpu closed loop I am very excited. I just hope it all comes in not defective, works, and is easy to install. Keep up the good work thermaltake.
  3. This is my setup that should be arriving at my house within the week http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ZqvmJx As I said pcpartpicker has the CPU cooler listed as not compatable so not sure if you guys can talk to them or something. I will be removing the top fan and stuff. As I am unsure about placment....the fans will be on the bottom of the radiator I assume? Which way will I have the fans facing or are they going to be pre-installed onto the radiator? I assume that they are going to be sucking air through the radiator and out the top of my level10 snow, but please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. So I ordered this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106253 I hope it will fit Thank you for all of your help through this. I an a newbie to the watercooling stuff. I did order thermalpaste for it just in case it did not come with any. Can anyone tell me what the difference between the extreme and the extreme S? I am just curious.
  5. Pcpartpicket has the extreme and extreme s 240mm radiator listed as not compatable
  6. I ordered everything. I was then on Partpicker and saw that the cooler and case are incompatable. This is a real big problem for me. Here is my PC list http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ff2BWZ I heard that the water 3.0 ultimate is compatable if you remove the top fan so that is why I ordered it. I guess I should have checked first. What do I do now? It is all ordered from new egg.
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