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  1. Thank you Josh for your kind advice! Pressing the 2 buttons simultaneously did get the bluetooth reset and the mouse detected by the app, and I managed to start recording my activities for only one time. However, no data was recorded and the reason was clearly that the app lost bluetooth connection with the mouse soon due to short bluetooth connecion dration. Doubting that the PC's usb port's power capacity may be too small, I even tried to connect the mouse to a USB3.0 port, but no improvement was achieved. I tried many times and the results were the same. By the way, my bluetooth devce is capable of pairing with several other devices such as headsets and speakers.
  2. I'm in, but the TteSports Plus mobile app can't find my Theron mouse despite the successful bluetooh pairing. I'm struggling with the trouble. I'm afraid of the possibility that I can't participate in the competition.
  3. hotcoolman

    At Doom's gate

    Looking forward to seeing the completion.
  4. Congratulations to all the winners (including me). Thanks to Thermaltake and all. Can't wait for the next season.
  5. Am I seeing a dream? Thanks to Thermaltake and all the other participants!
  6. [Australia] Stuart Tonks [Thailand] Suchao Prowphong [Japan] Fabio Moma They are the modders of the current CaseMOD Invitation, who's builds have been creative and highly comepleted with nice concepts and amazing skills.
  7. I've made a compariosn of all 7 rigs. Where can we find their benchmarks? Do want to see.
  8. Which do you emphasize? Theme, quality, beauty, completion, inspiration, impact, amount of work, or anything else? Or all are necessary?
  9. Ask participants to raise one image of his PC's system information to tell his OS and one picture of his Thermaltake product. Giveaway prizes go to, say, 1 XP machine, 1 Vista machine, 1 Win7 machine, 1 Win8(or 8.1) machine and 1 Win10TP machine by random selection.
  10. How lucky is the 1 post winner. Congrats.
  11. 2011. It's gorgeous. And I like blue decorations.
  12. “What do you think about this new THERON PLUS+ Smart Gaming Mouse†It looks elegant and powerful for gamers and the bluetooth functions can help it's user act smartly enough. “Why should you be the lucky one winning this?†I lost a contest here due to ####'s miss last year. I don't hate and believe the miss will be corrected in the near future. “Which Mobile Phone you are using?†iPhone 5, not everyday though.
  13. Actally use more than 1 ways to clean. And as long as feel necessary, clean immediately.
  14. How much is the total price of all the products in the pictures above?
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