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  1. ####?! I'm not going to buy any more Thermalfake products until you thieves figure out how to make your own designs. I wish I could return my Riing fans because now I'm embarrassed to have your stuff in my rig.
  2. I haven't had the chance to install them yet so I can't comment on how they look lit up or if they live up to the pretty good specs Thermaltake posted for them. They look pretty good without the light ring on though. The reason they're not installed is that I'm going to have to sleeve them before I can use them. The sleeving on these fans is literally the worst job I've ever seen. The sleeving is too big for the wires, it's too short and leaves a bunch of bare wire exposed, and you left a big bump in the heatshrink from the sleeving not going all the way to the end. Thermaltake, I shouldn't have to post this for a professional company, but I apparently do anyway so go watch this tutorial. This is how you sleeve a fan properly. So far the sleeving is my only disappointment with them. Other than that I like them.
  3. A case fan version of the Riing radiator fans, and for both kinds to come in more sizes. Riing fans are the only thing you make that I'm interested in. Similar look to Corsair's SP120, but with a glowing ring and without those horrible rubber screw holes? Plus they have slightly better specs? I'll take 7! I get my PSUs from Corsair. I currently have an AX760i. I usually use Corsair cases too, although the one for this year's build is the Arc Mini R2 from Fractal since it can hold more radiator than the 350D and looks like a pretty decent case in general. Usually I'm a big Obsidian Series fan though. Thermaltake's cases are cheap looking and don't have good water cooling support. I was looking at the Versa H15 and H13 just now. They don't have dust filters. They don't even have those rubber things on the cable routing holes. Like I said, they're really cheap and low quality looking. I did have a Thermaltake PSU way back in the day that lasted a ridiculously long time. After that one I didn't buy another since I heard the quality went down hill. I don't really know anyone who uses your stuff these days. You should probably try to work on your reputation in the enthusiast community. You guys need a new logo too. It's hideous. I'm going to have to peel the stickers off my Riings.
  4. The only company I know of that sells them is Lian-Li. Most people who have one built it themselves.
  5. When do the Riing fans come out? The most specific information I was able to find in articles was "this week" and "the end of February". Well, today is the last day of February and I still can't find them anywhere.
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