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  1. Just got confirmation on everything should be sending out my broken pump by Friday hopefully
  2. Looks really good, i like it how you positioned the pump to still allow access to the bottom control of it.
  3. Im really interested to know this too, i found the instructions to be a little vague when it came to the Pacific kit, not that it's not as clear as one would like. Though i will say the instructions they have now is quite self explanatory.
  4. Hey mike thank you so much I won't be able to make the hours today to make the call but tomorrow I'm free all day, thank you so much for reaching out to me.
  5. Hey Andy, I Dont think it was the air because I filled up all the way to full multiple times and made sure to take out all the air bubbles, And since I Dont over clock I Dont think my temp went above 50 when I first time I checked my system was at 15 Any other ideas that it could be? Also still no contact from the company is there anyone I can email? Or just reach out to me at negi781@hotmail.com
  6. no didn't try to screw anything on ,i attached the pump to the bottom of my case so that if any leaks did occur from the pump it'll fall straight through the case (lucky me). So far no word from thermaltake i did the whole contact us form so im hoping they contact me soon. This is my first time using watercooling so i made sure to follow all directions, and yeah it's weird i didn't notice any leaks for the first few days( that i ran my test) nor after when i attached my system into the case. im guessing the crack happened recently since there's only been about an inch of liquid that's been
  7. So i bought the pacific water cooling kit, super simple installation i ran a leak run for 24 hours and no leaks, tonight ( literally like 4 hours ago) i go to move my case and i find a puddle on my floor, ok no biggie probably a loose hose or something, but then i see that theres a crack on my reservoir, i have no idea where it came from, the mounting was secured tightly(no vibrations) and there was no banging on the case, anyone have any issues with it? i tried contacting new egg but they told me they can't replace the specific part alone, do you think i should just contact thermaltake?
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