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  1. There she is! All well and ready to rock!!!
  2. I am happy to let everyone know that the firmware provided above is working perfectly. Sensor now tracks without issues. All buttons are working as they should. Sensitivity can be controlled on the fly using the buttons. Profile switching is perfect. You guys really came through. Hats off to TtJosh and the entire TtEsports team. Thanks so much. After this I might just pick up a Poseidon ZX to go with my Theron Edit: Just finished a round of CS:GO deatchmatch. This things works like a charm. As if nothing ever happened!!! Thanks everyone.
  3. Thanks. Will check it out once I get off from work. I'll let you know what happens. Edit: Not sure if this is the same firmware that you gave us last time, but sorry to say, no dice. Problem still remains. The cursor moves only when I lift the mosue off and onto the desk. I've messed around with the liftoff tool to see if anything happens.It doesn't. Anyone else tried this? Waiting.
  4. I've check the webpages for the Theron line of mice. It seems that the firmware link has been taken down. It's good to know you guys have recognized that the firmware is the source of all the issues we've been having. Still hopeful this will get resolved. Waiting.
  5. Thanks Josh. At least its good to know you guys are working on it. And thank you for your patience with us.
  6. That firmware update should probably be taken down since so many people are having trouble with the product. Here's to hoping to a proper working fix. At the moment, my mouse is just sitting on the desk, all lit up and looking pretty, and nothing else.
  7. Tired with the fix that you gave. I am sorry to report that the issue wasn't resolved. Buttons work fine. Cursor jitters. I have messed around with the liftoff tool settings. I set it to high. Still jitters. Funny thing though, if I hover the mouse a little distance off the table, the cursor spasms like crazy. This is my update. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Is a new firmware in the works?
  8. Sorry if I am highjacking this thread. I am also having similary issues. Installed AP 1.3.1. Mouse was working. Could change lights, polling rates, DPI etc. But when I tried to update the FIRMWARE by using the firmware update tool v1.2 It updated by now the cursor wont move. I tried fiddling with the liftoff tool and the cursor jitters a bit. If there was a way to just go back to the stock firmware. I would really appreciate if the mods/members could link me a stock factory FIRMWARE. Thanks so much......... And I am sorry this had to be my first post.
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