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  1. I got the replacement keyboard yesterday. There are far less consistencies on Day 1 with this keyboard than with the previous one. The only notable irregularity is the enter key feels like a Cherry MX Brown key with a really small bump. I really like this since my pinkie is not used to a heavier switch on a bigger key. Hope that only the enter key is affected. The arrow keys has the same problem with less severity, but I don't mind since I don't type with arrow keys but instead use them to rapidly scroll web pages down. Glad the problem actually benefited me. I'll update in two weeks how the
  2. I bought this keyboard two weeks ago. Problems with it: 1. The media keys do not work. Only the brightness functions work. 2. Keys have an inconsistent feel to them, and the problem gradually gotten worse. Some of them would not produce an audible click. Some would feel mushy and would not clack when bottoming out. Overall, I am disappointed that Thermaltake has switch out keys made by Cherry with Kahlil. The keys may still function for another five years, but the quality sure won't last that long.
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