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    eklozwbailestka reacted to elladancm in [France] Olivier Maillet   
    So, that's why this mod is called P900, I wanted to keep the global design of Tower 900 while staying in the Thermaltake's spirit with a front window as on Core P5
    More pictures with hardware really soon

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    eklozwbailestka reacted to elladancm in [France] Olivier Maillet   
    Hi there,
    Small update. The mod is almost finished. The Gpu waterblock should arrives today, so I'm in hurry to complete what I would like to do

    Let's go for custom waterblock .
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    eklozwbailestka reacted to davido_labido in [UK] Dave Alcock   
    Well, I had a parcel arrive today so I can finally start my build log! YAY!

    I will edit this post later with sponsor logos and such, but i just wanted to get the ball rolling!
    So, without further to do!!
    This is my box, there are many like it but this one is mine. My box is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. Without me it is useless, without my box I am useless.

    Inside the box was lots of stuff... I mean... Crazy amounts!! so much it wouldn't all fit on my table and it will take me a few days to go through it all!!

    First of all, let's have a look at the CPU block. I found 2 old friends up the attic. I will call them Jay and Em (they might resemble 2 EU Tt colleagues, but I assure you they are toys
    So i chose the Thermaltake Pacific W2 CPU block.

    With help from Jay and Em I was able to get inside

    Inside the box there are all fittings for all the common socket types as well as some plastic inserts to allow us to change the colour of the glowing name

    Come on Tt dudes, you need to lift that block up for me so i can get a better picture -.-

    Cheers lads! As you can see, G1/4 fittings and some mounting gear pre-fitted for our convenience.

    Next up we have these.... 
    20 x 120mm Tt Riing fans with orange LEDs

    I have used the white versions of these before and they have been great. As you can see from the spec, they are excellent for radiators.

    Inside the box you get everything you need, screws, a cable to reduce the fan speed and noise and also a molex to fan adapter for if you have 20 fans and run out of fan headers

    sigh, Jay and Em decided to hide. They are not very clever though.

    Oh excellent. Now they have climbed on top!!! They are probably looking for a bar.

    I knew it!!! After a long day at work looking at some awesome Tt goodies, they wanted a nice cold beer!  
    As per usual, Em couldn't handle his beer. Jay is going strong though!!!

    Oooops, maybe not, I best go and put these two to bed for the night! I will be back tomorrow!

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    eklozwbailestka reacted to Tt Andy in Thermaltake Group at CES 2015 (0105~0108)   
    Just in case you guys couldn't make it, here are some photos from CES 2015!!

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    eklozwbailestka reacted in [PHOTOS] Weekly Giveaway Prize (Week 3)   
    Nice Photos! Hope you like the mouse!
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