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  1. - GEMINI - High performance system & Eco-friendly system
  2. We are sorry to keeping you wait! Icewolf made some progress on the GEMINI, take a look at the pics below:
  3. Tt Stella

    Are you a fan of wireless charging?

    If WPC supports iPhone, i will be a big fan of wireless charging.
  4. Depends on where I listen to the music, so Lavi S is pefect for me to use.
  5. Lithium polymer can be made in variety of shapes, lithium ion cannot.
  6. Tt Stella

    [Tips & Tutorials] Why Choose LUXA2 Power Banks

    The newest EnerG Slim series looks really nice and easy to carry!
  7. Tt Stella

    LUXA2 E-One Aluminum Headset Holder

    Can't wait to get a black one!
  8. Tt Stella

    EnerG Slim

    The size is perfect matched with iPhone 6!
  9. Tt Stella

    [AUDIO] Fans Photo Posts

    Hello TtDude! Do you enjoy the GroovyW?
  10. Tt Stella

    Introducing the EnerG Slim Series

    It looks really thin but with high capacity power, must have it!
  11. Tt Stella

    [AUDIO] Fans Photo Posts

    Enjoy my music, enjoy my LUXA2!
  12. Tt Stella

    LUXA2 Elite Carbon 8mm Stylus & Pen

    This stylus is mainly designed for business use.
  13. Tt Stella

    LUXA2 Groovy Audio Series Owners Club

    Three colours avalible: Black, White and Red!