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  1. I have an idea to mount the KLEVV ssds on top of the PSU shroud. I have cut the vinyl under where i would like to mount the ssds so i can create a cool lighting effect that will hopefully put a nice glow around the ssds. to help with this i have mounted the ssds on top of another clear piece of perspex.
  2. I had a problem where in the end i decided to cut the right hand side of the PSU mount to make it easier for plumbing the water cooling tubes and to create a point in the system where i can drain the system easily.
  3. Here is a quick look with the KLEVV memory and the GIGABYTE motherboard together
  4. Here are some High quality custom sleeved cables Provided by ModGuru. Enjoy :thumbup: Facebook: Phils PC Mods and News
  5. Really love this rig, great job on the custom modding and paint. keep up the great work buddy
  6. Ok so today i started on cutting the PSU shroud to fit since the Pacific R360 radiator from Thermaltake is mounted on the inside of the case. I also cut a hole for the D5 pump to fall into since i needed room to access the top inlets on the Thermaltake res. After mounting the D5 pump and res into the PSU shroud i noticed it made the PSU shroud sag in that corner so i had to come up with a idea on how to support it. i used the current res mounts in the fractal design define S case to hold some little brackets i made from L shape aluminium. They worked great and once i vinyl wrap the PSU cover you will not notice them at all. Facebook: Phils PC Mods and News
  7. A big shout out to Thermaltake for supporting this build. They hooked me up with some great water cooling products and i could not have done this with out them. here are a couple photos of what they sent over. Facebook: Phils PC Mods and News
  8. Look what arrived the other day guys, this fantastic looking motherboard from GIGABYTE Facebook: Phils PC Mods and News
  9. I have some awesome SSDs to show you all. Here is a quick speed comparison Here are the links for the product specifications http://www.klevv.com/eng/klevv/ssd.do http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/minisite/SSD/downloads/document/Samsung_SSD_840_PRO_Series_Data_Sheet_rev_1_2.pdf Facebook: Phils PC Mods and News
  10. Here is a quick update on how the KLEVV Cras DDR4 looks like when its in a system. These KLEVV cras memory modules are all metal construction, and huge. I would defiantly say that these are some of the best modules on the market up their with the big brands such as Corsair Dominator Platinum's. Facebook: Phils PC Mods and News
  11. Hello Everyone, here is another update My Little Modder.. This is what it looks like now that its put together. still have to polish the clear coat yet. Here are some awesome products what will help with the mirror finish im after.
  12. Hi everyone, here is a quick update on what i have done today. So i decided to cut up the front panel of the fractal define S :-) Here is a nice photo frame :-) Now im going to share my thoughts on what i am going to do with this, i was thinking of using some white perspex to cover the front hole that i have created today. once i do that i would like to add some Thermaltake blue led ring fans on the inside of the front panel where i will mount the radiator. now im hoping that this will give a nice blue glow through the white perspex :-) please let me know your thoughts on this mod! ill be back :-) Facebook: Phils PC Mods and News
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