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  1. Ive been saying it for weeks lol, you def deserve the win on this dude. Amazing build
  2. Both my Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Tab 3 i believe.
  3. Is it meant to be reset every time you want to sync it up?? Currently, on 2 different devices, every time i want to connect to the app to record the stats, i have the manual reset the mouse using the 2 buttons underneath to be able to pair it. Then half the time it will randomly desync and not notify me or anything. The app will keep running, the Mouse keeps running, but the app stops recording anything. Then i stop, save and then go to reload it and have to resync it again and reset it to be able to do so. Any help as to if this is normal, or a way to fix it would be awesome though, Besides that very happy with the mouse, is just more painful then anything
  4. Batman!!! With a Blue and Black theme, and then just do a batman symbol on the side, and create something like a utility belt for it, and have it around the middle of the stacked cases.
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