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  1. here is my vision of the Thermaltake Technology Inc 2021 Casemod Invitational season 1, "Angel warrior" first want to say Huge thank to Thermaltake and Andy to invite me, its a huge honor to be with these exceptional modders and to all sponsors for their help in this, Thermaltake AMD Asrock Plextor Zotac and Cablemod like i said in previous post the main idea started with a drawing I made 10 years ago, the main difficulty was to bring this drawing to life, specially make a reservoir with this drawing and why not replace the whole front window with the drawing for those who know me, I lean almost all the time in the themes of angels and/or demons this one i went with Angel, need the case all white, let go for pure white and what color is the best for a Angel's armor, Gold now we have the color theme White and gold, and a bit of purple to give some contrast second steps is the armor and wings/windows i redesign the whole drawing in Fusion 360, dont forget, i dont know anything about fusion 360 not so long ago it was not a easy task, first reservoir simply explode at first leak test, my error was to remove to much material, the back was a bit to thin for the size of the reservoir enough talking specs: Case: TT Core P8 PSU: TT Toughpower PF1 ARGB 1200 watt, Gold MOBO: Asrock B550 Extreme 4 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 SSD: Plextor 256gb M9PE NVMe GPU: Zotac RTX 3060 Twin edge RAM: 32GB TT Toughram XG 3600mhz Cablemod Pro cables Watercooling Thermaltake LCS: 1 x Pacific CLD360 Raditor Riing Quad 12 RGB Raditor fan Pacific W7 Plus cpu waterblock Pacific Core P5 DP-D5 Plus distro-plate Pacific G1/4 Compression-gold Thermaltake T1000 Coolant-Pure Clear TT Premium Concetrate Kit (9 bottle pack) and more
  2. cant wait, seem very clean, i really like the design of what you shared
  3. wow , now i see where you going and im just amaze , great work
  4. When your idea comes form a 10 years old drawing final photos and video before Oct 15
  5. Build is done, final photos before Friday and a little video soon here are some teaser
  6. did some engraving test today i like it but not sure if i will keep them
  7. made the wallpaper for the bottom screen, sure i keep some space to put all temp and other sensors
  8. a little update the reservoir is finally done just need to add some pieces on the windows part lime top wing and now work on psu cache with a little monitor but i dont like it a lot, will redesign it today
  9. a little update still a lot of work to do first test fit and seem good for now i really like the reservoir and with the armor pieces on the reservoir again first test fit to be sure the result is what i expected the bottom part need to be painted the sage shade as the top to much orange for me
  10. Case now painted like the result, now i can start working on the theme
  11. little update start working on windows/Reservoir i really like it just not sure if i will keep it clear or paint it
  12. now you will see why i called this one "Angel Warrior" still in design and need a lot of work but here where this idea start a simple drawing i have made some time ago and the Core P8 seem to be perfect for this the hard part os this Core P8 windows is transfere this to cad design to be able to cut it why not making a simple render in Fusion 3D hope this will work still need to design the bottom part of the windows and case a video soon about case painting and reassemble it
  13. paint is going well, Cant wait to show you the final result of the case im very surprised how many modder going for white P8, i really like that, im a huge fan of white case
  14. some mod on hardware still some to do like branding on SSD swap the black center fan for Gold and white i have an idea for CPU block springs and screw, need to paint them
  15. look a these beauty received last box last week look what the guy let at my door i have so much idea for modding these start working on it this week hope you will like it
  16. and the mod begin!!! here a test of a very simple and little Ram mod to fit better the theme i think now you know the color theme of the build White, Gold and a bit of purple Angel Warrior here the ram
  17. first want to say a HUGE thank of this Invitational 2021 , im so honored, specially with all of these spectacular modders name: Angel Warrior (maybe will change later) just love the P8 , so much space to acheive any idea or theme mod here some hardware for the mod i will not say to mush today, want to keep some suprise for later
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