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  1. @veelck, thnx man. I got bootcamp a while ago onto my mac. And on the windows version, the command key works as the windows key. So who knows, you might be right. Ty. I try it now *update* Thnx man. It works great. Windows key=command key. But it would still be greatly appreciated to make an OS version so it wouldnt be so troubling for me to switch from mac to windows all the time just to change my profiles and stuff. Thnx all
  2. I just recently bought my Black element and its working fine. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that i have a mac and have to go to a windows computers to set my macros. If i wanted to set one of the keys to "ctrl", "alt", or maybe "shift", the settings wouldnt work when i plug my mouse back onto mac. I guess this is because mac has the extra button "command" which basically does the same functions that "ctrl" does on windows. Except ctrl is literally useless on mac. All the other keys work perfectly but i kinda need the "command" key to work on the mouse. So please, it would be so much easier if you guys release AP config for mac. I tried wine to get the exe AP config to run, but it didnt work :C. SO PLEEASSSEEE
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