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  1. Very hard to choose between the two, but my vote goes to Suchao Prowphong
  2. I think it'd be nice to have female casemodders compete as well, so I nominate Zoyadog: https://www.facebook.com/Zoyadog/
  3. Made some sketches with different types of clamps for a general impression of the idea: The holder would be clamped onto the edge of a desk (or shelf) as pointed out in the bottom part of the image. And the rotation of part A allows it to be clamped vertically too. I hope the image/explanation is clear enough.
  4. Equalizer presets on the device itself so it will work on any OS.
  5. Just got a little inspiration after looking at my headset laying on my desk: A headset holder with a clamp mechanism. Easy installation/removal and it uses a minimal amount of desk space. I think it would make a nice addition to your holder solutions.
  6. Definitely capacity, since that's what power banks are made for. The rest doesn't matter if it doesn't have enough capacity to charge your phone.
  7. A robotic holder like this for our phones and tablets And wireless charging holders perhaps?
  8. The E-One Aluminum Headset Holder because, as I said before in the other thread, my headset is tired of sleeping on the desk
  9. Wish I could go, but it's a little too far from Europe I'm looking forward to see some new products from you guys
  10. Power: PL2 6000mAh Leather Power Bank (Pretty and pocketable!) Holder: E-One Aluminum Headset Holder (My headset is tired of sleeping on the desk ) Audio range: Lavi D Over-ear Wireless Headphones (This would be great for my mom, since she broke her iPhone earphones )
  11. Aw my name isn't even on the list. I thought all round 2 screenshots made before the announcement would count too, but I guess not. It does look like you guys made a mistake with the second prize there. But congrats to the winners! And here's my entry for round 3:
  12. Looks like scores are resetted again. Not sure if it gets me in the top 10 but here's my highscore so far:
  13. Size and weight for me, it would be useless if I can't carry it around with me in my pocket. And since it'll stay inside my pocket, appearance doesn't matter much
  14. The descriptions on the product page are spot on! It really gives a good idea on what to expect of the product. Followed!
  15. The Smart Clip arrived two days ago! Inside the box is the Smart Clip itself and a quick start guide I decided to test it out on my desk first and I noticed that the sticky suction was very sticky, I had to use a lot of force to remove it from my desk It will accumulate some dust over time, but as described in the product page, it's really easy to rub it off with some water. The (gray) rubber grips work really well to hold my iPhone 4 in place with and without a case. However, my LG G2 is wearing a very thick case (about 17mm thick) and the grips are too small to hold the phone. But it works just fine when the case is removed. Time to take it out for a ride! I tried to mount it on my dashboard but after a few minutes the suction slowly came loose. I guess it doesn't really like my dashboard surface material/curves. Oh well, I'll just place it on my windscreen! It feels like its glued onto my windscreen and holds up really well. My phone didn't budge at all during my car ride in the city (with the usual braking, accelerating, sharp turns, speed bumps etc). I'm really loving it so far and it sure makes navigating a lot easier
  16. Awesome, I can't wait to test it out
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