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  1. Very hard to choose between the two, but my vote goes to Suchao Prowphong
  2. I think it'd be nice to have female casemodders compete as well, so I nominate Zoyadog: https://www.facebook.com/Zoyadog/
  3. Wish I could go, but it's a little too far from Europe I'm looking forward to see some new products from you guys
  4. Aw my name isn't even on the list. I thought all round 2 screenshots made before the announcement would count too, but I guess not. It does look like you guys made a mistake with the second prize there. But congrats to the winners! And here's my entry for round 3:
  5. Looks like scores are resetted again. Not sure if it gets me in the top 10 but here's my highscore so far:
  6. Facing down, since there's a dust filter down there. Also I tend to drop some screws when installing new hardware and I wouldn't want them to fall into the PSU.
  7. Dual expansion slot VGA with the following length limitation: 255mm (Inner chassis) 285mm (Outer chassis)
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