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  1. Hi guys, So, we are finally done with our entry for the Thermaltake Ram Mod contest. This was a different kind of "modding" contest, but it was still very fun to do. Which is most important. You need to enjoy doing your work, before you can offer it to others to enjoy. Thank you Thermaltake for this opportunity to be part of this event! MOD ON!!
  2. last pic before the big reveal. weathering is close enough i guess.
  3. 3D printed the front of the truck, exhaust and the wheels. managed to clean up most of the print but still need to clean it up more. laser cut the rest from scratch.
  4. Ram arrived today. Finally! before i post pics, lemme fill you in on what the mod is going to be themed after.
  5. Not many words needed to describe what theme we are going for this time around. lezzzaaaggooowwww!!!
  6. Hi Folks, Came up short this time. Too many things got in the way of progress on this event i have been chosen to participate in. I will still keep posting customized lighting for the TT Neon Maker in the days to follow, regardless if the event is over. I hope you guys still enjoy these few seconds though. Cheers! MOD ON!
  7. Hello!! Always happy to be invited to become part of an event that TT holds. This time around, it's something totally different. To be honest, im still on the fence on what im going to do, but i'm hoping i give the audience a good show, and my co competitors a run for their money! i'll be back in the next day or two. stay tuned!
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