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  1. Hey Guys! Wew! Its been a while! A long while to be exact since my last update. Things around here, as always, is busy as ####. But I was silently making some progress on this project, and finally! This is going to be the final update for this project! Let's get on to it, shall we? Since my last update, I started disassembling the power supply and the Pump/Res combo to do some prep for paint. This is actually my first time dismantling a power supply and I was just so freakin afraid that I might screw something up. Fortunately, I didn't.
  2. Hey guys! Its time for a little update! Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I've been very busy for the past month between work and this project. But I was quietly making some progress. First off, since I had access now to a 3D printer (bought a cheap-o printer around December last year), I decided to give it a try and see if I can print with it properly. It's a great printer but you need to have it tuned up very well before you see some awesome results. I tried but again, time is my biggest enemy. This is going to be the hinges for the half of the side panel. As yo
  3. Hey Guys! Update time! And yes, I am still alive! Did some work for the past weeks for the project after finishing up some important commitments. Shall we begin? Did some more measuring on the view 27 chassis to confirm if the radiators will fit in without having clearances issues, which it had. I tried to fit x2 slim 360mm radiators from Thermaltake, and it looks like the radiator for the front will have one issue. I won't be able to connect the 8 pin power connector for the CPU on the motherboard. I did not noticed the issue at first so I trimmed the front panel (w
  4. Hey guys! I'm back with another sponsored project! EVGA was generous enough (as always) to send me some of their awesome hardware. This is another EVGA and Thermaltake sponsored project, and I named it "HoloView". Thermaltake was awesome enough (as always) to send me their View 27 chassis and some of their water cooling components. This will be a quick (hopefully) and simple project but will add a special feature to it (hopefully I could pull it off properly). A huge shout out to the sponsors! Here's some of the components that will go in to thi
  5. I would like to nominate, if it's possible, Von Carlo Rasonabe for Japan and Andrew Lee Adanza or Mickee Boy Lacerna for Philippines. Legit modders. All hand made/hand cut. Not just paint jobs and material bending. Wait, am I allowed to nominate?
  6. Hey guys! It's a bit late but here are some more photos. I finally got an extra time to put logos on these photos and upload them all. Been one #### of a wild ride back at work this past few weeks. Again, I would like to say a very, very, very huge thank you to Thermaltake for making me a part of this life changing event! And to all the sponsors who supported all the competitors, Newegg and Avexir, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!! and to all my co-competitors,
  7. Advance apologies for the photos. And there are only a few for now. I badly need to sleep. Been awake for the past 21 hours now. Finally, time for some sleep and food!!!
  8. Hey guys! Sorry about this very late update. The weather here is driving me nuts to the core. I ended up trying to paint everything that I could yesterday and today. I did a few more cutting of aluminum sheets for the power front I/O port and for the power supply. I got all the panels installed now. Got the plate that will hold the I/O port up on the top front of the panel cut out. New placement for the power supply. And of course, here's the photos for my paint job attempt yesterday and today. The weather temperature he
  9. Hey guys! So here's my update for the front panel. I proceeded to work on the front panel from I left yesterday after painting the aluminum pieces for the side panels. Time to get my trusty ol' jigsaw to work. And of course, time to work my biceps again. Let the excruciating filing down of the edges start! Time to do some bending! Every time I am bending sheet metals, or sheet of aluminum in this case, that is lower than 22 gauge, I always do a little "chant" before I proceed. "Please dont b*tch out on me, please dont, just this time, please....." Knowing the fact th
  10. Hey guys! It's been quite a while since my last update and I would like to apologize. The weather here is not helping at all and got some unexpected things that happened here so I needed to clear those up first. Anyway, here's my update for this week. First off, I received a new set of RAM modules. These DDR4's look tasty! Huge shout out to AVEXIR! Last week when the weather outside was still nice, I started to do the right side panel cut outs. And of course, spent a lot of time filing the lines down. Time to drill some screw holes.
  11. Hey Guys! Update time! I did the grille for the bottom part of the left side panel. Did the cuts using jigsaw and spent a lot of time filing it down. It will look like this. In this photo, I have fully completed installing the left side panel on the case. the left and right side panel will open up like this. Time to sand them down! For some reason, a thought came into my head when I was about to sand the aluminum side panel pieces. I wanted to try and see if I can do a "dirty" brushed-aluminium effect on them, althou
  12. Hey guys! Here's a quick update. Finally got the top panel installed in the case. Tomorrow, I will try to do the side panels (left and right). See yah on the next one!
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