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  1. When will we be expecting the software to be available for the Mac? Any time soon? I'm fine with the keyboard working and the Cherry lighting but I really want to be able to customize this.
  2. The RGB Brown Switch version works completely fine on the Macbook Pro OS10.11 El Capitan. However, I don't believe there is a way to download the software in order to customize the keyboard so far. (I don't have any programs on my Mac that can run Windows-based files like the software for the RGB). If anyone has any ideas, that would be nice.
  3. Question for the RGB Brown Switch version: Is there any way to download the software for the keyboard if I have a Mac? The keyboard works perfectly fine, but I want to be able to customize it, however, I don't have a program on my Mac that can run Windows files. Help?
  4. I see, thanks for the reply hibikiledo. However, is this same process also necessary for the Poseidon RGB Brown Switch keyboard as well where I have to risk losing the protection? Or do I just do the regular process excluding the protection disabling? I'm currently thinking about selling my current Z keyboard and buying the RGB or a keyboard from a different brand. However, I'm still leaning towards getting the RGB. Any suggestions? ã©ã‚‚
  5. Hey, thanks for the post! It really fixed the problem for the keyboard, and I've been using it without any issues recently. However, I just so happened to download the new OS update "El Capitan" (Version 10.11) and it apparently disabled both my keyboard as well as my Ethernet cable at the same time. I tried redoing the steps and apparently, I do not believe they are working perhaps due to the newer OS version? I was wondering if there were going to be solutions for future OS updates like this one which will allow Mac users to keep using their Poseidon Z's?
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