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    Gregoryol reacted to Tt Andy in [Closed] Prediction Voting   
    Prediction Voting Event has begin!! 
    Date: (September 1st ~ September 29th)
    Post below who your top pick is for the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 for your chance to win one of the listed prizes each week!! 
    Weekly Prizes
    1. Riing RGB 256 color 3 pack (2 Sets)
    2. Thermaltake Smart DPS G 750W PSU
    3. Water 3.0 Preformer
    4. TteSPORTs ISURUS Pro Headset
    5. Avexir Core Series Limited Thermaltake Edition
     Note: Prizes will be sent out at the end of the event
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    Gregoryol reacted to Saphira2016 in How to Return SAPHIRA Mouse in the USA?   

    I bought a MO-SPH008DT from Micro Center, Columbus, OH last Autumn. It has some problems right now, and I want to return for a replacment. I tried to contact and send emails to Ttesports online, but no reply yet.


    Please let me know how I can do the return.



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    Gregoryol reacted to myR Mockingbird in MyRevenge e.V. - Europe   
    I love listen to music while playing soloq. When I want to change the song or control volume I don't need to switch back to deskop, because I use multimedia keys on this amazing keyboard from TteSPORTS. It's so much easier!  
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    Gregoryol reacted to Tt Tautlih in [Reviews] Latest Product Reviews   
    LUXA2 EnerG 8800mAh Portable Power Bank

    Tweaktown EnerG 8800mAh Review (May 31st, 2014)
    - Editor's Choice Award 
    Full review - http://bit.ly/VZXRXA
    Proclockers EnerG 8800mAh Review (June 19th, 2014)
    - Must Have & Editor's Choice Award
    Full review - http://bit.ly/1ndCjC2
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    Gregoryol reacted in Come & Experience Tt eSPORTS Gaming Flagship Stores in Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan   
    If you ever visit Taiwan, please be sure to check out Tt eSPORTS Gaming flagship stores in Taipei and Kaohsiung to pick up your favorite gaming gears at the stores.
    These two truly eSPORTS gaming gear shops are directly-managed by Thermaltake that provide gamers the best shopping atmosphere which allow customers to experience the latest launch gaming products. Also, any customer related questions or inquiries can be taken care instantly, such as general and detailed products information, customer services and etc.
    Below is the information:
    Tt eSPORTS Taipei Ximending Gaming Flagship Store
    Address: No.6, Ln. 50, Sec. 2, Wuchang St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan
    Tel: 886-2-23613656
    Business Hour: 11:00am-22:00pm
    Google Map link: https://www.google.com/maps/preview?ll=25.034729,121.499756&z=14&t=m&hl=zh-TW&gl=TW&mapclient=embed&q=108%E5%8F%B0%E5%8C%97%E5%B8%82%E8%90%AC%E8%8F%AF%E5%8D%80%E6%AD%A6%E6%98%8C%E8%A1%97%E4%BA%8C%E6%AE%B550%E5%B7%B76%E8%99%9F
    Tt eSPORTS Kaohsiung Datong Gaming Flagship Store
    Address: 1F., No.262, Wufu 2nd Rd., Xinxing Dist., Kaohsiung City 800, Taiwan
    Tel: 886-7-2155108
    Business Hour: 11:00am-22:00pm
    Google Map: https://www.google.com/maps/preview?ll=22.623317,120.302933&z=14&t=m&hl=zh-TW&gl=US&mapclient=embed&q=800%E5%8F%B0%E7%81%A3%E9%AB%98%E9%9B%84%E5%B8%82%E6%96%B0%E8%88%88%E5%8D%80%E4%BA%94%E7%A6%8F%E4%BA%8C%E8%B7%AF262%E8%99%9F




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    Gregoryol reacted to Crossix in Toughpower Grand Sleeved cables?   
    hello,  i bought this TPG-1200W PS and i want to know if there are sleeved cables (red) for it? 
    Thank you
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    Gregoryol reacted to lmntriix in SHOCK 3D 7.1   
    Could i please ask to why there is no Windows 10 driver for this headset? I cant use the 7.1 or the Bass Booster because there are only Win7x64/86, Win8x64/86 and Win81x64/86 could there please be a 10??
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    Gregoryol reacted to minotaur in Damaged element's name on curcuit board needed (TPX-1375M)   
    A microchip on my PSU's board has been damaged ( it is pointed to by the red arrow in the attached photo ). There is no authorized RMA centers for Thermaltake PSUs nearby. I would be able to replace the damaged element, if I knew what it is. It is marked as "UI4" or "U14"on the circuit board of my TPX-1375m PSU. Please tell me the specs or name of the damaged element. Thanks.

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    Gregoryol reacted to Andrei Z in Where do I buy PCI cables ?   
    Alright, just bought a new vid card andrealised that my power supply does not have another cable for the PCI-E. My power supply does have 2 other 6 pin ports that should support another PCI-E cable and probably another for Molex or other, but I do not own any of them. Where to look for, so that I won't bust my power supply, or what alternatives do I have ?
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    Gregoryol reacted to Tt Andy in [Canada] Jonathan Garlit   
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    Gregoryol reacted to CrossUp in Pacific 120 Snow Edition   
    Hey TT Forums,
    The white version of the Pacific 120 has been teased for a while: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002707
    Any idea on its actual release date for the US?
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    Gregoryol reacted to altereDad in Wireless Charging Q&A - Ask and receive ASAP reply!   
    Set it and leave it. So much easier than finding that damned cord.
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    Gregoryol reacted to Sensers in Poseidon Z RGB Not being detected.   
    Hi, I bought a new one recently. Plugged it in, and it was working fine. I then downloaded the software on the website (the most recent one) and it began to update... the firmware was about 14 while it was trying to get to the current version which was... 36 I believe. Anyways, I left my computer for awhile and it may have restarted while I was gone. (My computer does this I don't know why.) I'm running a Windows XP still... and now, when I plug in the keyboard, I get no response. The hardware detects the device as a device that cannot be started (error 10). I don't know what to do, please help.
    The keyboard is beautiful so I do not want to return it. 
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    Gregoryol reacted to Zhnigo in meka g-unit switch replacement?   
    Is it possible to replace a switch on my meka g-unit as shown in this video?

    The "H" key is a little busted and I want to swap its switch for the switch from one of the keys that I don't use often. Can I do this without needing to solder and unsolder? Thanks in advance.
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    Gregoryol reacted to Tt Tautlih in Wireless Charging Q&A - Ask and receive ASAP reply!   
    We get asked a lot about the workings of wireless charging technology and I thought it would be nice to create a thread for users if they have any questions about this.
    One very very common question I get asked is:
    Q: "Can my iPhone work with wireless charging?"
    A: Currently, no.
    Feel free to post any other questions you have
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    Gregoryol reacted to Tt Tautlih in Indie Monster DJ Base Sponsored E-One Holder   
    Indie Monster DJ Base is a DJ training school in Taiwan for music enthusiasts looking to pursue their hobby or their dream of being the next top DJ. By using the latest equipment and headsets, ‪#LUXA2‬ provided a few of our premium E-One Headset Holders to create the best possible learning environment for their enthusiasts. Take a look at some of the select photos they've provided to us

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    Gregoryol reacted to Tt Tautlih in [AUDIO] Fans Photo Posts   
    Come share your LUXA2 audio photos with us!

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    Gregoryol reacted to Drjay18 in Commander FT   
    Good Day 
    I have just purchased my commander FT and it is new to me this type of accessory.
    I will like to request advice as to where to place this thermal probe sensor since is one and I have been on forums that indicate it should go in between the fins of the heat sink; case or h.d.d. But like I mentioned is one so I want it to focus on the temperature of inside the case.
    What do you guys suggest?
    One more detail. Im not connecting the cpu heatsink to it
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    Gregoryol reacted to Tt Tautlih in Why I'm done buying cheap Lightning cables   
    I'm tired of Apple's official lightning cable breaking.
    I'm tired of cheapies not charging properly and having my devices saying "not compatible" and then breaking.
    I'm tired of worrying about my devices being damaged without a official MFi cable.

    What's been your experience with Lightning cables, cheap and otherwise? Have you found long-lasting cheapies? Have you paid extra for MFi-certified cables and found them superior?
    In my mind, LUXA2's Aluminium MFi cable hits all the spots - durable, looks great, fast - and especially attractive, the pricing.
    Find out more - http://goo.gl/cV33Kj
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    Gregoryol reacted in Tt eSPORTS Sponsorships & Partnerships   
    Want to find a Sponsor for your e-SPORTS team?
    Looking for the co-brand or e-SPORTS gaming gear partner for your company or event?
    Contact us, Tt eSPORTS is not just a name, welcome to tell us about your ideas on partners or sponsorships If you:

    ‧ Have placed in top 3 positions in at least 3 live events over the past year
    ‧ Strongly believe that you have the drive and dedication to ascend the heights of professional eSports success
    ‧ Are already using Tt eSPORTS professional gaming peripherals competitively 

    We do like to hear from you. Contact us right now! Join Tt eSPORTS team today.
    Click HERE to submit your sponsorship & partnership request!
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    Gregoryol reacted to AOH in psu or product thermaltake warranty worldwide?   
    How to check warranty. my psu thermaltake thoughpower grand  850 watt platinum.
    Because  I buy this psu. from HK.  but  I  use at Thailand.  I cannot goback to HK for claim. 
    I can claim in Thailand?  psu thermaltake warranty worldwide?
    Please giveme phone number thermaltake (Thailand) co.ltd.
    psu serial no. PSTPG0850FPCPEUPRE000202 
    Thank you.
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    Gregoryol reacted to RogueAussie in HELP - 20+4 Pin Connection Problem   
    Hi all,
    First time poster as until now I have been pretty competent on fault finding and research to rectify problems, but this one has me stumped.
    I have recently upgraded my Thermaltake 400w PSU to a Thermaltake 600w PSU. I have noticed that on the 20+4 pin connector that the white wire (-5v connector?) is absent from the new PSU. I have read that this is not a necessary connnector, however, without it I cannot power up my system.
    I have an ASUS Striker Extreme MOBO. All the ancillary indicator lights come on when connected (USB, Fans etc) but the power button is non-responsive and the power switch lights on the MOBO do not illuminate.
    If anyone can provide assistance it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Gregoryol reacted to LiquidAtoR in [Bugreport] Application + Website   
    Hello Staff, Developers, Users,

    I've found a major flaw in your application (to my disadvantage unfortunately).
    Let me elaborate the situation first:

    First of all...
    Every time I start the application on my Phone, pair it with the mouse and start a session (generally in Others since I play everything trough eachother).
    Generally pairing fails 1 out of 3 times, but that's not a big problem. Unplug and replug the mouse and it appears again in the app. This could be a bit larger timespan to pair imho before radio broadcast goes off again.

    When I start the session, the timer on top of the first screen is always on 17:00:00 instead of 00:00:00
    Now comes the not so fun part.
    I've been playing HotS, some Facebook games, GoatZ, Borderlands and a few other click games, and the grand total is 372 mouseclicks...
    This for 2158.1 minutes of gaming activity...
    Somewhere along the lines after passing a certain length treshold, it drops all data, and restarts recording.

    So the application is very flawed when recording larger amounts of data.

    Now on to the Plus website.

    I've entered the clicking competition (obviously), and tadaa, 0 clicks behind my name, even though I've uploaded that failed 2158.1 minutes of gaming with 372 clicks. So either there's a delay in the sync of data between the competition and the database, or something went wrong there as well.

    I'm not so worries about the website, but this 2 day loss of data is too much to bear as well as the timer starting wrong.

    Hope this is sufficient information. If not, you can always contact me trough FB (michael.vangraafeiland).
    Thanks, Mike.

    ps: Added are a Phone screenshot where you can see timer is starting on 17:00:00
    2158 minutes of gametime screenshot and the data that's been recorded in those 2158 minutes (with hours worth of HotS gameplay, so virtually impossible since that's a CTM game pursang).

    ps ps. Could you keep us in the loop, if and how this is picked up by the development team. When reporting bugs I always like to be kept in the loop to know if something is actually done with it and how it's fixed

    EDIT: Meanwhile some clicks are added to my profile, so I presume it's on a delayed sync with uploads. But the large 2 day record is flawed.

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    Gregoryol reacted to Gabene in Level 10M (wired) freezes   
    Hey, folks. I'm encountering a weird issue that just started happening earlier today.
    Every so often, my mouse will freeze and not respond to any movements or clicks for a few seconds. Then, it will suddenly jump to where it should've been had it actually responded quick enough. What's weird about this is that the software seemed to restart when this happened. I did a virus scan and that showed nothing. I tried different USB ports and got the same issue. Nothing new was installed before it started happening. It just started to do it randomly. I've had this mouse for a little over 8 months, I believe, and I've never had this issue. Any help? Has anyone else had this issue?
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