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  1. You may need a certain number of posts I think 500 before you can change it. For now I deleted it for you. Thank you so very much
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  3. Hi guy, I wanted to know how to remove the fan shroud on the strix and will it void the warranty? Thanksss
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  6. Good read there Seems more of a Headset for gaming with, rather than using it to listen to music.
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  8. i only see 2 scores 1 for video & 1 for CPU ... are we supposed to average them or add them or what
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  11. This will be my blog about the Oilers throughtout the off-season and possibly more.
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  15. you will always find people with problems with a particular mouse. I have 4 zowies, and never had an issue. Go figure. G402, G502, or some 3310 Rival, Avior, FK1, Kone Pure Military...
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