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  1. I was just thinking, would it be possible to aslo add another backlighting profile so the keyboard will be lit exactly like in this post?
  2. Hmm, I'm not sure what I can capture with a screenshot, so let me explain more: For example, I'm using a game mode, by pressing Fn+PrtScr. This is a gaming profile, and I can change macro keys in the utility by pressing GAMING PROFILE button and applying it. Then, I'm pressing Fn+PrtScr again, and now keyboard uses default profile, none of the macro keys work, but win key is working now. And I can't assign actions to T1-6 keys via utility, because there's no DEFAULT PROFILE button or anything like that. There's also M1, M2, M3 profiles, so if you will fix win key to be enabled on them(or an
  3. Thank you, that would be great. Yeah, I can do that for a specific profile, but as I said I wanted to keep win key functionality, so I'm using default non-gaming profile and there's seems to be no option to modify T1-6 keys on that.
  4. Hello, I was surprised to see that CHALLENGER Prime software is so limited. First of all, I want Windows key to work on all profiles, but there's no option for that. Second of all, it wouldn't be a big deal if I could assign macro keys(T1-6) to a default non-gaming profile, but I can't. So basically, I need macro keys and windows key working all the time, and currently I haven't found an ability to make it like that. Any chance the software will be updated in the near future to fulfill my requests?
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