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  1. yea, can only be used in normal mode with macros disabled. Don't worry though, they have no intention in fixing it from what I gathered.
  2. You are repeating yourself now. Its not good enough, we wish to see progress on this issue and not that its just being "escalated". We haven't even heard from the developers of someone other than yourself outside this forum that this issue has even been acknowledged! I continue to wonder, are they ignoring this issue because they have a more expensive and profitable project to work on? While I admit this isn't the worlds most expensive keyboard, I did expect some sort of actual support form a major company other than "its been escalated"!
  3. Its been nearly 6 months since this issue was first brought up and not a word from the developers about it. Are they even aware or just don't care because they have more profitable things to work on? You had one job Josh which was to bring it up to the developers. You are our voice to the developers Josh, and we are wanting to be heard!
  4. I find when you turn of the lighting in normal mode and turn it back on it fixes the problem
  5. But if it was set to normal keyboard functions, shouldn't the macro's still work? Its not like they are impacting normal use. They are more of just additional assignable keys, or is it due to limitation of the hardware itself? Are the macro's for some reason being sent via the same (I don't know...) flag as the windows key, so its impossible to have the windows key and macros working at the same time?
  6. But why is it set to disable the macros when in the non-gaming, or "default" profile?
  7. Yea, its a problem they are ignoring. The windows key will not work when in "gaming" mode, but in order to use the marcos, it has to be in gaming mode. Its stupid and they don't seem like they ever plan to fix it. Here is a previous thread of everyone complaining about it and Tt Josh doing nothing except "submitting it" to the developers: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1717-challenger-prime-version-30-lacks-default-profile-support/
  8. Any news? A month and still no updates!? Please fix this!
  9. you guys have been dead for nearly a month now, what gives? I wish to know what is happening with teh software updates and if you are actually going to fix the gamemode and windows button issue.
  10. Its been nearly a month since this issue was first pointened out. You have not been entirely straight with the answers and now seem to be ignoring my previous post. When are you going to fix this? I mean, I understand why disable the win key in gaming mode (to prevent accidental press), but why even consider disabling the macro keys on normal mode? To prevent people making the most of the keyboard? It just seems so illogical :C Please fix this. Its just annoying not being able to use the macro keys in non-gaming mode.
  11. I am able to freely change my keyboard colours when out of the gaming mode, so I am not sure what is going on there :| However, this really does need to be address. If I knew before hand that the macro keys would not work without disabling the windows keys, I would have not purchased it because its just a pain! I mean, I understand why disable the win key in gaming mode (to prevent accidental press), but why even consider disabling the macro keys on normal mode? To prevent people making the most of the keyboard? It just seems so illogical :C
  12. just wondering how your devs are going and the eta on the update, thanks
  13. Love this keyboard, its so nice to type on and LED's make it great for late night programming. Shame the Macro Keys aren't very useful in a non-gaming profile at the moment (see this thread), however I am sure that can be fixed and I will be able to enjoy it to full potential. A great purchase of $57AUD in my eyes Will share a photo once I install the media kit on my computer so I can connect to my phone
  14. Yes, this "disabling of the window key" on the gaming profiles is really annoying. You are unable to set the macro keys without disabling the window key in the process, which is really annoying for me as I would use the macro keys more often while on my desktop than I would in a game. I like the idea of having the individual profiles, so maybe you could just add a checkbox on the "Macro Setting" controls that disables the Win key? That way we would be able to assign profiles with macros and choose if we would like to have the win key disabled.
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